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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I've been in such a PWL Kylie mood for the last week or so.
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  2. A tracklist "leaked," but it was largely fan fiction. It featured two collaborations with Pharrell, who Kylie never worked with until Kiss Me Once.
    I thought that it was Kylie herself who vetoed that cover in favor of the one that got released.
    The same could be said about Kiss Me Once, which is a shame really.
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  3. Wait. Do I have repressed memories? Who was the one-hit wonder Kylie teamed up with?
  4. Mims in his career highlight appearance on All I See.

  5. Ohhhh, yeah. Yeah, I totally repressed that. I'm sure I'll listen to that song again one day when I can't get to my phone fast enough to skip the track.
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  6. The entirety of the "All I See" release was a mess, tbh. It's strange that her US label gave her enough of a budget to commission a MIMS guest verse, but not enough of a budget to film a MV for the American market's lead single, so Kylie had to film a MV for it at the same time that she was filming tour projections.

    Also, why "All I See (feat. MIMS)" when y'all had this?

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  8. Oh, so it was less that Kylie vetoed the use of the image and more that Deconstruction didn't want to pay Kylie to license the image for the release.
  9. Ultimate Body Language tracklist? I love the record but would have preferred something like:

    01. Slow
    02. Still Standing
    03. Almost a Lover
    04. Red Blooded Woman
    05. City Games
    06. Chocolate (feat. Ludacris)
    07. Promises
    08. Secret (Take You Home)
    09. Obsession
    10. I'm Just Here for the Music
    11. Cruise Control
    12. I'm Sorry
    13. Loving Days
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  10. I fully approve! PWL Kylie isn't always loved as much as other eras, but it was the one that started it all and full of classics.
  11. Pretty much! It was very good of her to provide This Girl though, even if she did put a stop to the inclusion of a few of the other tracks.
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  12. The Sun published the tracklist as an exclusive, but it's likely that they got intel on the publishing info for half of them and just made up the rest. I actually think that did a lot of damage to the album perception as the general public were given the impression that Kylie was going "contemporary urban" to appeal to Americans, which frankly wasn't something that anybody was looking for and that articles reach seemed to persist throughout the album era, despite the album only having maybe three songs tops that you could reasonably describe that way.
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  13. Almost a Lover and City Games should've been musts. I personally prefer the quirkier, odder side of Body Language so I would've gotten rid of tracks like Secret, Obsession and Promises and kept tracks like Someday and I Feel for You. Honestly, even though the best track is Slow, I find the second half far stronger.
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  14. Slo Motion! A definite miss from the standard track list… gorgeous
  15. Slow Motion is one of my favourite Kylie tracks ever. Just so sensual and gives me real "city nights" vibes.
  16. Some of her best vocals too!
  17. Mims had a hit?
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  18. The way I still can’t escape these

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  19. Can we agree that some of her best vocals are on Light Years (the album)? I feel that post Impossible Princess she was using her lower register more and her vocals just sounded so strong.

    Then cut to Fever and still good but Body Language we started get very strained vocals and lots of head voice and I feel like nowadays it's a mixture of the two. But Light Years, to me, has some of her strongest vocals overall.
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  20. I remember articles from around the time of Body Language claiming Kylie was intentionally working in studios with less oxygen so she could hit those higher register / breathy vocals

    Mir something like that (equally as stupid anyway)
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