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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Kylie's voice was incredible on KM'94, Impossible Princess and Light Years. It was from Fever when she started this nasal style which suits her well, but can sometimes be a bit much. I'm happy with both styles, love it when she uses both.
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  2. The audio on the DVD for the Golden tour doesn't do Kylie justice. Though she did have the flu for a few dates if I recall?
  3. Think so. In terms of her live concert vocals, think KYLIEX2008, is certainly up there as some of her best.
  4. I didn't much like her vocals on the Showgirl tour either, though Homecoming sounded much worse. I agree that X2008 was definitely so much better.
  5. X2008 vocals are her best. I actually thought she sounded great on Showgirl Homecoming too.
    I was always a bit baffled as to why they filmed the last 2 London dates for Les Folies rather than the first and second - not only did she look and sound pretty exhausted (understandably!) the venue wasn't as full as the earlier dates.
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  6. Her vocals on the For You, For Me tour in 2009 were incredible.
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  7. The thing with Kylie is that she can generally deliver a technically good vocal consistently, but based on your personal preferences, it may or may not be a vocal that you enjoy listening to.
  8. This can be true of any vocalist, no?
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  9. Have you not heard Nick Cave? You mean any technically good vocalist?
  10. Nick Cave is a good vocalist though. His deep baritone is gorgeous.
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  11. Johnny Douglas on Body Language (from Steve Anderson’s podcast)

    “With the Body Language album... the label’s brief was ‘hop-hop with glitter’ that was their brief to me... had to figure out what that kind of means. Whilst we’re making that record we’re also on SayHey Kylie forums looking at the outrage from the fans “Kylie’s making this urban kinda of record?!” It’s not that great if you’re making an album and there’s a load of guys with machine guns wanting to kill you like it was your idea. I was the guy that was there kind of going “Disco Down” now I’m kind of this guy almost being hung, drawn and quartered because I’ve got Ludacris rapping on her record.”
  12. I can't believe it's been 4 years already since we were first aware of the modern day Kylie classic that is Dancing:

    Still an absolute joy it is too! Felt like she was back again but in an late 2010s following her other "wilderness years" of 2014-17.
  13. Asking for trouble.
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  14. That's generally true. I was just trying to rationalize why the narrative that Kylie "can't sing" still exists to this day.
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  15. Say Hey has never been the same since the great Body Language war. People really did the most over R&B being the direction they were going without hearing a single track. It’s still top five Kylie for me.
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  16. There really was no synergy at all with BL. You've got the Bardot artwork and a minimalist electro lead single which is amazing and which made sense in the context of a campaign and as a follow up to Fever.

    But then Red Blooded Woman comes along and you hear the rest of the album, and it's no wonder the album didn't connect with people like Parlophone thought it would. I was only a kid during the album campaign but when you look back at her amazing career it definitely wasn't as strong as it should be.

    In hindsight Kylie should have left Parlophone at that time. Basically there was no good album campaign after Fever.
  17. It's funny how people think agressive stan culture began with Twitter and the 2008/9 American pop explosion/domination but anyone who hung around a message board at the turn of the century - it was all fully formed already. If Johnny Douglas read comments like that today he'd probably barely register then before scrolling past.
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  18. Body Language is easily the best Parlo album though? Fever and L*ght Y**rs could never.
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  19. It's certainly up for me.
  20. Hang this in the Louvre.
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