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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Loving Days still sounds pretty fresh today. Also, it wouldn't sound at all out of place on Kelli Ali's Tigermouth. Imagining Kelli's vocals on it already has me salivating.
  2. *does quick search of what tracks Johnny Douglas worked on for Body Language*

    Chocolate? Cruise Control?! RED BLOODED WOMAN?!!!? A king if you ask me.
  3. The one thing I absolutely love about Body Language, is how super sleek and spy it all is. It just evokes vibes.
  4. Johnny Douglas is a successful producer that has gone under the radar a bit. He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Anyone know what he’s been doing recently?
  5. And this banger:
  6. Need this properly released. And soon.
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  7. I never knew Body Language was half finished when they released it, this makes me appreciate it even more. I always thought it was a stellar record and while yes, Slow is in a league of its own, it still works really well with the rest of the album. Also I don't think we would have necessarily ended up with an album full of Slows, had she had more time to work on the record – the stars align only so often for a track like that.
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  8. I loved her look in this era...
  9. I had a major crush on that dancer grinding up on Kylie in that clip.

    I think he danced for a lot of performances on TOTP in the early 90s, I remember him dancing with Annie Lennox and I think he was in the Alex Party video too.

    I’m not sure if it was Jake Canuso or not?
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  10. I decided at having a go at remixing from scratch Things Can Only Get Better - influenced by Studio 2054 Real Groove remix with Dua….. here is a clip of the work in progress. Feel free to comment - whether you like or not!! It’s so hard to work on some of the SAW material as for some reason the bpm and speed of delivery changes the 2nd chorus on this and also Shocked which I had to abandon…. Anyway I may get this one finished depending how determined I feel!
  11. A real treat seeing this in HQ via the Top Of Pops BBC4 repeats!
  12. One of my favourite PWL era Kylie songs
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  13. It suits her quite well I think.
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  14. Having been watching Kylie performances of Give Me Just A Little More Time on YouTube. Not sure if this was recorded just for The O Zone?

    This is such a moment from the anti-tour (nearly 10 years ago!)

  15. Not having Ludacris on the single chocolate was the single biggest mistake Kylie did in her career, Ludacris was well known in America and for her to veto this was mind boggling
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  16. Just read this little story on Sayhey about Jazzi P supposedly slagging Kylie off on Big Brother, glad to hear she was misquoted and I just thought it was a nice little story.
  17. "I'm ready to take the milky way to your Hershey's kiss, You know my tongue's got batteries in it". I think she made the right decision. Years later we were afflicted with All I See Feat. Mims and that did nothing for her in the USA.

    The biggest mistake was passing on Toxic. Can you imagine the one-two punch of 1st single Slow and then 2nd single Toxic for the Body Language campaign? Also, not leaving Parlophone earlier.
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  18. The biggest mistake in the US was not releasing "Red Blooded Woman" as the first single. Parlophone wasted all Kylie's goodwill and momentum on "Slow" which was never going to be a hit in the US in 2003/04- especially with that video. I adore both the song and video, but they were so out of touch for the US. "Red Blooded Woman" was right there. I remember MTV couldn't stop playing it as background music on all their shows. Such a missed opportunity.
  19. Wow, that rap is well and truly awful. Thank goodness she said no to that. As for Toxic, not gonna lie, never felt it was right for Kylie somehow. Tailor made for Britney I think.
  20. Is that a positive thing though? The sound of RBW is very generic Pop/RnB and I can imagine it fitting in well into the background of a music programme.

    With the smouldering, Bardot imagery of Body Language and her vocal delivery on the album I have no doubt Kylie would have done a great job on Toxic.
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