Kylie Minogue

The thing is Fever took off in the US because it sounded like nothing else on radio/MTV at the time. I think Red Blooded Woman ultimately faltered in the US because it was a poor attempt at sounding/looking like everything that already dominated the charts at the time. Slow was definitely too left of center to take off, and ultimately, I’m not really sure there was anything on Body Language that would have made more sense as a single in the States.
I always thought Promises and Secret would have been great singles. (such brilliant 80's throwbacks).
Kylie could not have done to Toxic what Britney did. Everything special and amazing about it is down to Britney and they way she made it her own. It’s not a Kylie song in any way. Nor does it fit in with Body Language.

I think if Toxic was made into a slower version, her vocals would have suited it perfectly. Definitely not in its official current form, though. Kind of like the Yael Naim version or even a slow jazz version. But it would probably not end up being a hit like it is to this day.
I wonder if they had real plans to get Sean Paul on Cruise Control, or did they just slot in the first rap verse they could find?
It was a complete accident:
This version was released by mistake, according to Johnny Douglas. He made the version with the rap by Sean Paul in his own time and Parlophone had a copy of it. When they mastered the 'Red Blooded Woman' CD single, they accidentally included this version, hence no credit to Sean Paul on the release. They got into a lot of trouble over it. Needless to say we weren't supposed to get this version and the shorter version (without rap) on the US album was meant to be the one we got.
"Cruise Control" slapped so hard. Purchasing the "Red Blooded Woman" single was such a quality purchase. "Almost A Lover" and "Cruise Control" are two of my favorite Kylie b-sides. And the Chemical Brothers remix of "Slow" on the same CD? Iconic.
I agree, easily two of Kylie's best CD singles ever.