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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Confide in Me and In Your Eyes say hi.
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  2. It’s Wow for me:
    Cherry Bomb
    Do It Again
    Carried Away
    3 of her greatest B sides ever!
  3. For me it's hard to compete with Tightrope but I'm listening to this again and loving.
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  4. A solid EP mini album right there!
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  5. I've got the Mexican version of X somewhere with those as bonus tracks. So good!
  6. Hence why I said two of-but they are also up there for sure, no question!
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  7. Wait, Kylie has two songs called Did It Again and Do It Again?

    Queen of recycling.

    cf. Closer and Closer, and Love At First Sight and Love At First Sight.
  8. I have got lost amongst all the posts, who said that Kylie wasnt supposed to release BL in 2003, it was her record company that forced her to release something as there was no big name release that year, that makes sense now as hte album was rushed and SLOW wasnt even recorded by Kylie first, she gave it to some unknown american artist but then she asked for teh song "back" as it was written by kylie in the first place and even though that american artist had recorded her vocals on it and about to release it she wasnt able to, she completely trashed Kylie on her webpage if i remember. I thought at the time this doesnt seem like Kylie trying to take off work from other artists but can see now she was under pressure from her record company to release a record, can you imagine SLOW not being recorded by Kylie as its one of her iconic songs.
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  9. Mirwais has confirmed his album for fall 2022.
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  10. Don’t forget Getting Closer too.
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  11. What??? Never heard this before! Do you recall who was it?
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  12. Also “Right Here Right Now”, “Feels So Good” and “You Make Me Feel”
  13. Yeah, none of that is true. Kylie did not write Slow (just the 'read my body language' bit that was taken from another unreleased song) and it has been said many times that it was the last song recorded for the album.
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  14. Can you imagine if Steve suggests Right Here Right Now for the disco tour, and it turns out to be the Let’s Get To It version!
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  15. Didn't she record her final "Slow" vocal on the same day as that fake TV show kidnap attempt?
  16. Fingers crossed.
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  17. I know we’ve moved slightly past it but I always felt Ludacris completed “Chocolate”. His rap is typical Luda wordplay which, if you’re not a fan of him, you wouldn’t understand but it just works.

    The fact that got rejected but we actually got “All I See” featuring Mims is headache inducing.
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  18. I already like Chocolate, but Ludacris elevates it. He really should have been included on the final version.
  19. The Ludacris version of Chocolate takes a 10/10 and makes it an 11/10.
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