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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I've said this, within the depths of the dungeons of this thread before, but I vividly recall being in hmv around July 2004, where I lived, seeing bright yellow / red 'SALE £1.99' stickers on many, many copies of Body Language.

    Didn't buy it.

    Maybe it wasn't £1.99, maybe it was £3.99. Still, didn't buy it.
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  2. I know it’s really shocking following her big pop girl era, I mean it really did flop in comparison to Fever. I guess really though Fever was the anomaly. Her next couple of albums after Body Language were a lot more stable chart wise and was the start of her really becoming an albums artist.
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  3. Oh my. That is bad. Still, sold near enough the same in the long run as many of her Parlophone albums, which is the main thing.
  4. Never a truer statement have I seen on this thread. In a decade when most artists would kill to be able to reliably shift 600K albums but somehow it felt like Kylie was always being expected to top the outlier.
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  5. That's probably the reason. I'd imagine that HMV and Virgin probably bought in more stock thinking that "Red Blooded Woman" being huge at radio and the chart position recovering and had been stuck with it the rest of the year. "Chocolate" didn't do much for the album, but to be honest, if I recall right, that single and the surroundign promo felt like it was more about setting up the "Money Can't Buy" DVD.
  6. I don't think people have that expectation. I think the disappointment is the really bad album campaigns that followed every Parlophone album after Fever. I really did think her career was nearing an end by the time Kiss Me Once came around.

    BMG have worked hard to turn that around. I wasn't impressed by Golden but I do think Disco has been her best album campaign since Fever.
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  7. I much prefer Disco to Golden but the Golden era was pretty perfect, 5 singles and videos and stretched out over 18 months, all that without a rerelease.
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  8. The 2022 calendar is 9.60 gbp on the official site in the sale and they have removed the ‘no more than 2’ purchases.

    I guess they made too many... The eBay scalpers have got burned though. Lol.
  9. But the Golden era was largely a UK thing. And Stop Me From Falling did not do what they expected it to do in the huge Latin market. Internationally speaking Disco is pretty much the first time we've heard Kylie in years.
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  10. Did Disco feel different internationally? I know we’re totally spoiled here in the UK
  11. I can only speak for Latin America and there was definitely more of a presence. She did TV interviews, I saw in-store campaigns and heard songs out and about. Say Something also recently went gold in Brazil and the last time Kylie got any sales certification in Brazil was in 2001.
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  12. Not right now, or the previous decade, I'm referring to the immediate ten years after Fever.
  13. BMG and Kylie, have been a perfect fit I think. Long may it continue.
  14. HMD


    It did in Spain too. I never heard anything from Golden on the radio or anywhere else bar once or twice. But Magic and Real Groove have been regularly played on some stations and I’ve also heard them many times while shopping around.
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  15. I definitely felt more of a Disco presence than Golden here in Canada. I've heard a few Disco songs at the grocery store and she did do some promo in North America. Plus, I think it helped with all the Disco physical media formats.

    Just a side note, not sure what this really means but I do a lot of thrift shopping and while I often see copies of Aphrodite and Body Language, I haven't seen anything post-Aphrodite.
  16. Kiss Me Once did mark the end of an aspect of her career, tbh. It was the final era where Kylie was still a viable singles artist.
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  17. I actually think that the fact she's had more of a global presence with Disco is largely due to the pandemic.

    It's become normal to phone in interviews on chat shows, whereas previously there's no way some of the more well-known shows she's appeared on would have considered anything other than a live, in-person appearance.

    That and the goodwill for her off the back of her Glastonbury slot and the album being released just at the right time when it was perfect relief for the mood of most of the world.
  18. I was listening to Golden yesterday and (I know it’s a contrarian opinion around these parts) A Lifetime To Repair slapped. I do try forget about that hideous radio edit, however!

    Of course, Lost Without You remains THE highlight of the album- and of the tour. What a moment!
  19. Dancing has turned four, what the hell? I can't believe time has flown by so fast. Happy birthday to the song of life. My ultimate favourite song by anyone.
  20. I love the Golden album, the writing bar is set so high on that record.

    Much of Disco doesn’t compare favourably, for me, but the tracks from the re-release are a huge improvement on the original edition.
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