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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Dancing being 4 makes me realise it's been that long since I've needed to had surgery on my eyes. Let's celebrate that. I can clearly remember (If not clearly see) having that, Stop Me From Falling and Raining Shitter on repeat in hospital and getting the whole Golden album on my return home.
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  2. Dancing, is my favourite Kylie single.
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  3. When it's great the writing is really great like on Dancing, Radio On. But there are some real stinkers like Sincerely Yours, Lifetime To Repair, Love.
  4. The night "Dancing" leaked I realised I was a fucking idiot for having my heart played with by a twink and I was really upset at how stupid I was being and I had to make a choice to not listen to the leak until the next day so that I wouldn't contaminate my first time listen with sadness. I'm glad I did that.
  5. her career, yes.

    (I exaggerate. But it is amazing.)
  6. I love the way she’s always got a quirky choice on each album, almost like a wild card. Thinking of Monday Blues, Low Blow, Mr President, I Feel For You, Burning Up all spring to mine. Takes a brave artist to take these plunges and have some fun in amongst the pressure of releasing a new album!
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  7. Dancing being four means it's nearly four years since I last saw Kylie perform live – on [shudder] James Corden.
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  8. Another day, another underrated Kylie gem:

    Perhaps her most forgotten single of the 1990s too.
  9. I'm kind of surprised that the Disco campaign didn't include a performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.
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  11. I have to admit I’m not a fan of this sweeping old Hollywood style production of her songs. It’s been done a lot now.

    I still can’t believe we don’t have the fast version of White Diamond.
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  12. I love this version. The Where Is The Feeling single package is probably the best from Decon when you consider all of the remixes done for it from really big names. They spent money.
  13. I love the Bish Bosh mix too, of which probably (or possibly rather) could have done more on a commercial scale:

    The era was alas pretty much dead at this point though after being absconded for many months.
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  14. Would have loved that CD 2 of the single. Shame it got cancelled.
  15. Wasn't that meant to have had unreleased tracks as B-sides too?
  16. Yes I think, along with the K-Klass Mix.
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  17. Shame didn't happen I think.
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  18. It could have been her 'Two can play that game'!
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  19. And, I know it's loathed by many, but personally think Time Will Pass You By should have been the final single as planned. Could have well made top 10 I think.
  20. Love Time Will Pass You By, never got all the hate for it. It's a much needed bop after the meandering 7+ minute tracks on the second half of the album.
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