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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Same, a nice feel good finale to the album.
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  2. I personally don't think that KM94 had a potential Single No. 4, but if they'd released something as Single No. 4, I would've liked one of the mid-tempo R&B tracks. "If I Was Your Lover" or "Surrender" could've been decent options. Not great options, but decent.
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  3. Dangerous Game was crying out to be a single. Her career best vocal.
  4. KM94 also makes a great sister album to Bedtime Stories by Madonna I think. Both released around the same time, got a similar vibe going on.
  5. I wonder how a radio edit of Where Has The Love Gone? would have sounded?
  6. Shorter.
  7. I found this:

    I'm not sure if it's official or fan-made.
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  8. There is a Fire Island Edit which is 4:45 from a promo sampler.
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  9. I don't mind Where Has The Love Gone, but yes it did very much need an edit to it. As for Falling...
  10. The sampler was an an instore promo. It has all the tracks edited for instore play in the big music stores.
  11. This is lit! I also love Difficult By Design and Gotta Move On, so it's a shame she never explored this sound more fully on an album.
  12. This is going to sound strange coming from me—someone who champions the 2:30 track length—but I think that the six minute+ track lengths work for "Falling" and "Where Has The Love Gone?" I feel like it's a bit hard to judge them now with a 2022 lens because shorter tracks have become the norm. The track length gives each track the room to breathe and build. I like how atmospheric they are. Atmospheric is a great word to describe KM94 in general, imo.

    Except for "Time Will Pass You By." She can choke.
  13. Time will pass you by would have charted at about #28 and been out of the chart a week later.
  14. 'Automatic Love' could've had potential for a single release?

    The soundtrack version of 'Where Is The Feeling?' deserved a Grammy.
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  15. If anyone's interested, I did a Kylie episode of my podcast where I (a casual admirer) am guided through each album era by a stan. It was a fun chat, hope you enjoy if you listen!

  16. It needed a complete retool like the original Pet Shop Boys demo. Saying that it would have fitted with the soundscape of the rest of KM94 (which continues to her magnum opus in my opinion).
  17. I find it pretty funny that almost every song on self-titled was considered to be a single at one point or another. What a poorly managed campaign.
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  18. What I love about Deconstruction is that they made some very expensive decisions that had no chance of being a hit. They could easily have done a single edit of the Bish Bosh remix of Where Is The Feeling with Kylie dancing about in a video clip and it would have done well. And I love that they went for the talking remix with Kylie swimming about in a pool instead.

    I think there are very few examples of really good campaigns from Deconstruction. The quality is there though, but it's not surprising they went bankrupt.

    I think Surrender would have made a good single.
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  19. The 10-minute version of Where Has The Love Gone on Hits+ has an amazing intro and I'm so grateful that they didn't cut it.
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  20. I mean they handled M People pretty well. I wouldn't necessarily blame deCon for everything that failed with Kylie. I think she was determined to do things very differently too. I just think they didn't understand her fanbase at all.
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