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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The posters on billboards were nice though.
  2. I think it’s fair to say she was distracted at that point.
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  3. They're great at getting a handful of hits at best from big acts like Black Box, M People and Kylie.
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  4. I know it's quite popular yet Falling is the weak link on KM94 (as it's a solid beyond solid LP, that is not easy to say) yet replace Falling with Love Is Waiting. Perfect! (Well if you can improve on perfection)

    And Dangerous Game is THE ONE! My infatuation song of all infatuation songs!
  5. She sounds great on most of Dangerous Game but the "so our love may grow, yeeeeiiiiii" bit doesn't suit her voice.
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  6. Always forgot about Love Is Waiting, but yes, that is quite a good song must admit.
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  7. She is using a different part of her voice. And I would love of more of those vocals.
    But yes, it's unusual for her.

  8. Happy 20th to it!
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  9. 20 years for the delightful Australian-only b-sides "Harmony" and "Never Spoken" too!
  10. That's a good one! Also J'adore Fire Island in general!
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  11. That tweet is not wrong. Would have done a lot better than Please Stay too.
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  12. I honestly don't think Your Disco Needs You would have done much better than Please Stay in the UK. Maybe a spot or two higher but it would hardly have been a huge hit, much as I adore it.
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  13. Whilst it was a shame that Your Disco Needs You was never released as a single, Kylie definitely got the last laugh because I hear it in literally EVERY gay club.
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  14. William Baker said in the La La La book that they were mindful not to have her become a gay niche act. I think he cited Geri releasing Bag It Up and It's Raining Men back to back and how that affected her second album. I guess Parlophone was still figuring out where her place was in the pop landscape
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  15. Yeah we need to remember how the whole industry / scene was back then, it was 2000, straight after the pop boom when even pop bands started to change their sound and look because pop became attached to kids, labels didn't what acts to become too gay because this was the era of Grammys, NME, Radio 1, Q Magazine, old straight white men were calling the shots, on what gets released, what gets stocked, what gets played, what gets awarded, what gets the big budget - kids and gays didn't have the voice and power they have now (or they did but labels scoffed at that because straights also bought music). So pop music was straight-washed a lot. We had the last laugh though!
  16. +1 And we got la la la shortly after.
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  17. Regardless of whether Your disco should have been a single, the album was jam packed with potential singles. Light years was absolutely robbed of being a single. Butterfly, Disco down, hell even Under the influence of love. Please stay was a head scratcher.
  18. Someone pointed to "Bag It Up" and "It's Raining Men" a couple pages back as a reason to release "Your Disco Needs You." They might've been hits at the time, but look at Geri's career longevity.

    I'm glad that Kylie didn't box herself in too soon. Would the Fever era have hit different if she leaned into the whole overt campiness of "Your Disco Needs You"?
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  19. The fact that Your Disco Needs You wasn't a main stream single, for me, is a great thing.
    One of the best (another infatuation of mine) pop tunes of all time, yet it's for THE FANS. It's for US and in that I would always find that track special!

    Although the lack of a full (main) tour performance of Disco Down, still remains the biggest mystery for me.
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