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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I think almost every one of Kylie's Parlophone albums could/should have had a much longer singles campaign. There were definitely a few more singles left on each record, but it's understandable why some of them were cut short.
  2. This is why Light Years remains my favourite Kylie album. So many single choices there.
  3. I’m not sure whether this is an unpopular opinion or not but I think that KM94 is Kylie’s only 10/10 album (once you’ve deleted the M People B-Side tacked on at the end that’s completely incongruous with the rest of the album, obviously - so a 9/10 and I’m in denial, I guess!?)

    Agreed that Deconstruction seemed to have great budgets but confused marketing for their acts - with hindsight I think that M People had both a clear direction and clear identity, which helped them overcome the label’s lack of positioning.
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  4. I'm with you in that I agree that KM94 is the closest that Kylie has come to releasing a perfect album and had she scrapped "Time Will Pass You By," it would've been a perfect album.
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  5. Time Will Pass You By is by no means a bad song, but its inclusion makes no sense to me, given that At the End of the Day was right there.
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  6. Literally any of the B-sides/outtakes that were released on the deluxe edition of KM94 and on Hits+ would've been better than the actual closing track. What an awful song.
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  7. I guess I understand why Time Will Pass You By made the cut but considering what was left on the cutting room floor... At The End of the Day, Our Lovin', Living for Your Loving - whew.
  8. No, will still forever stand by my liking of Time Will Pass You By, fair enough if other people don't of course.
  9. Also, a few 80's female artists attempted to engineer a comeback by doing disco without an understanding of why Kylie's comeback worked for her and thought it would be/or were convinced it would be as simple as just making a straight forward retread with no winking, no embracing and no narrative. Releasing "Your Disco Needs You" would have been very risky as it could have put her into a box along with Lulu and Sheena Easton that she could've struggled to get back out of. Had the Fever album and singles not came along, Kylie might've been a one-and-done comeback.

    Had "Your Disco Needs You" been released as Robbie with Kylie on backing vocals it would've been a smash. He could make all the queer-bait comments and raps at the time and the press just lapped it up.
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  10. M People also released banger after banger and got massive radio play, from Radio 1 to mum stations to house parties etc. Kylie was promoted like a new act - like they did not want her old fanbase along for the ride.
  11. I've always felt like that that was more Kylie's decision than Deconstruction's. I'm sure that the label would've loved to capitalize on and leverage Kylie's existing fanbase, but Kylie seemed to want to disassociate from her PWL past.
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  12. Yeah I'm including Kylie in 'them'. She prob wanted a new start - esp after the diminishing returns of Let's Fulfil It and her career everywhere that wasn't UK or OZ.
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  13. Wasn't KM94 recording paused while she went off to film 'Streetfighter'? That time away might have made a difference to what was included. M People were riding high in the charts then. We may have got a different end result if she hadn't done that film.
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  14. But Nothing Can Stop Us is great. And if they got BIR to do the production of Gotta Move On that would have been a really solid inclusion for KM94.
  15. Is it though? It’s pretty much cut from the same cloth as Where Is The Feeling.
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  16. I’m playing KM94 today. Every time I get to the middle eight in Automatic Love my skin tingles.

    Phenomenal album. I love every track (not sorry).
  17. ”no man u al conteroal” is some Sia levels of making your words fit

    I have to agree I couldn’t imagine skipping a single track. Put Yourself In My Place remains flawless
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  18. I’ve literally only just realised the lyrics are “no manual control” and not “no man who you’ll come to hold”. I always thought that was weird.
  19. I was being dramatic - yes, both are early 90s house through a UK filter… but Where Is The Feeling is immense, whereas Time Will Pass You By reeks of “advert wants to use Movin’ On Up without paying licence fees for Movin’ On Up”… M People were definitely keeping their best songs for themselves…
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  20. Put Yourself In My Place, was and remains her finest ballad in my view.
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