Kylie Minogue

I am screaming, all that spiel about how Kylie was chosen to work with Lenny Kravitz's cousin was a scam, we really were fed any lie back then and ate it all up.
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I wonder if "Surrender" was a cover in a tradition sense or if it was a demo that was passed around to multiple artists around the same time. The gap between Tia Carrere's Dream and Kylie Minogue's Self-Titled was less than a year, so both artists could've recorded the track around the same time, but Tia was able to release her album first because Kylie was busy with Street Fighter. Especially because at that time, music was so regional. Did Dream receive a wide release?
All this talk of self-titled has made me want to listen to the record again. What an era! Truly one of my favourite records. This is the playlist I use:
  1. Confide in Me
  2. Surrender (Talking Soul Mix)
  3. If I Was Your Lover (Original Version)
  4. Where is the Feeling? (BIR Dolphin Mix)
  5. Put Yourself in My Place
  6. Dangerous Game
  7. Automatic Love (Original Version)
  8. Where Has the Love Gone? (Roach Motel Remix) [the long one]
  9. Falling
  10. At the End of the Day