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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I used to think it was "Roman you will come to Rome".
  2. I was at G.A.Y. when we got the exclusive play of 'Confide In Me'. Jeremy Joseph got to premier of the new Kylie single then. We had waited 3 years for. It felt euphoric. They also played the Big Brothers Mix several times throughout the night.
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  3. Has she ever spoken about knowing that ‘Bury Me Deep in Love’ was used in Harold and Madge’s wedding in Neighbours? What a great track that is!
  4. All this talk of self-titled has made me want to listen to the record again. What an era! Truly one of my favourite records. This is the playlist I use:
    1. Confide in Me
    2. Surrender (Talking Soul Mix)
    3. If I Was Your Lover (Original Version)
    4. Where is the Feeling? (BIR Dolphin Mix)
    5. Put Yourself in My Place
    6. Dangerous Game
    7. Automatic Love (Original Version)
    8. Where Has the Love Gone? (Roach Motel Remix) [the long one]
    9. Falling
    10. At the End of the Day
  5. I didn't realise that remixes were commissioned for Surrender!
  6. I always thought this was an M People cover! Not just produced by M People. I always thought the melody felt quite “old” and jarring against the production. Makes sense now.
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  7. If only St Et had produced it instead. They would have given it the right mix of retro and modern.
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  8. I had no idea half the album was covers either. I wonder if that was a bit of a conscious decision and they went looking got released songs? Choose underground, obscure, underrated songs to cover to get credibility from “proper” dance music fans? A sort of “look how cool I am” idea.
  9. Quite like this set list must admit.
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  10. Remind me again; "At the End of the Day" that was on a promo cassette and someone found and ripped it around 2009/10? Then Steve Anderson posted it on his audio archives a few years later?

    Also: "If I Was Your Lover" what mixes is there of this?
  11. Almost everything on self-titled was considered to be a single at one point, so remixes were commissioned for them. The Talking Soul Mix is the only one we have of Surrender, although there are known to be others in the vaults.

    I believe that's correct about At the End of the Day! Such a gorgeous track.
    There is only one other mix of If I Was Your Lover that we have. It's the original version of the track before it was re-recorded to make it more "American", since the song was considered for a single release. There is a rumoured All-Star Mix, too.
  12. The original mix of If I Was Your Lover, is quite Eternal esque I think. Not a bad thing personally.
  13. I can't find the source anymore but there was a mix that was supposed to be on the 2003 deluxe of the 1994 self titled and it got removed - might have been If I Was Your Lover (All Star Mix).
  14. Those 2003 re issues of the Deconstruction albums on the whole were very well put together I think. A few more rarities in terms of unreleased tracks or B-sides from the eras would have been nice, but overall, excellent re issues.
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  15. Yeah, those reissues were the kind that I hope we get for the Parlophone albums. A good mix of unreleased tracks, b-sides, and interesting remixes.
  16. Why they didn’t include Aston Martin and Nothing Can Stop us on the KM 94 album is a complete mystery.
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  17. HMD


    I also have gone back to playing self-titled a lot after all the recent talk in here. What a gorgeous album. ‘Dangerous Game’ is the one that has struck out the most this time around.
  18. Love Is Waiting should have been on the main album and a single, it's sublime. Most of KM94 is in fact. If you add the b-sides and Hits+ tracks from that era it becomes one of her strongest collections. That's without adding in any properly unreleased songs like Aston Martin or Love Is On The Line
  19. Tia was coming off the huge success of Wayne's World 2 so I think she'd got first dibs. And when the album bombed the songs found new homes.
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