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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The recording with Kylie is one of my favourite of her deeper deep cuts. I forget it exists for stretches of time then I rediscover it in my files and it's just gorgeous. I hope they can find space for it when they collect together the Light Years era odds and ends when the time comes. Especially if they use the "additional adlib" mix from this
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  2. I wouldn't mind an album in the style of white room ambient club music, ala Falling and Where Has the Love Gone. It

    but I would've loved it as a giant fuck you to her creditors who try to keep her pigeonholed.

    Fuck it, get her to work with Orbital for KM XVI. She has nothing to lose (and everything to gain)!
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  3. I love Steve, but I'm pissed he won't share 'You're The One' in HQ with us.
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  4. The fact that Love Takes Over Me and Take Me With You weren’t on the album was criminal.
  5. An Impossible Princess without songs like Breathe and Limbo is wrong. The middle 8 of Breathe alone is absolutely amazing.

    I'd love for something to be planned for the 25th anniversary of Impossible Princess. Am I right in thinking that Kylie is soon going to hold the rights to the album?
  6. If that is true, sadly I don't think she'd put out any unreleased material. I feel like the only reason we've had what we had is because she didn't have ownership of the rights.
  7. If she could just release You’re The One in good quality I’d be a happy stan.
  8. I really just want the vinyl. And I'd pay $$$ for the 3D cover on a vinyl.

    According to Reddit, independent pressers have reached out to get the rights for a limited vinyl run of IP but have been denied.
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  10. Blasted out Love Takes Over Me earlier, and was hit by it's brilliance all over again. Thank goodness it saw the light properly on the bonus disc of the 2003 re issue and not doomed to be tucked away on the 7" vinyl single to Some Kind Of Bliss from 1997!
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  11. Robbie knows what’s up.
  12. It’s Colour My Life, a Body Language out take.
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  13. What’s his Insta? I thought I followed him but there’s no story today?
  14. Aah, I thought it might be, just different bits to the clip he's played previously, thanks.

    @cleggar he's got 2 accounts, biffco is the one the story is on. But he's also shared a more electro sounding instrumental (no idea if it was for Kylie) on thebiffcotecheque today too.
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  15. Biff's done many a great Kylie track, so new material from them together is always most welcome for me.
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  16. Impossible Princess is a masterpiece, to even think of changing the track listing is homophobic.
    This is one of my most wanted vinyl reissues so I hope the rumours are true that it’s coming this year.
  17. All Kylie vinyl re issues need to happen and hopefully sooner rather than later!
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  18. I would love a box set of Light Years through Kiss Me Once (and Impossible Princess and Kylie Christmas separately, of course), but I don't know if that's realistic given the world vinyl backlog.
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