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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Quite a bit of Kylie on BBC4 tonight. Always a pleasure to see that performance with Nick Cave, where she's dressed as Ophelia. Gorgeous.
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  2. I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that she doesn’t do the song because Taio dumped her for Travie McCoy on the US version. Allegedly it annoyed her and she refuses to acknowledge/perform the track ever again. Rightfully so, I think!
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  3. It made sense though, Travie would have gotten more attention across the pond than Kylie. Besides, both version were promoted in the UK which is her main market.
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  4. Reading about KM94 in this thread made me revisit it and I actually think it's top 5 fave Kylie for me. It's such a great album. I know Time Will Pass You By is generally disliked, but what is everyone's opinion on the Paul Masterson Mix? I actually thinks it makes the whole song a lot better and gives the production the much needed 90's house ooomph the original lacks.
  5. Radio 1 dumped the Kylie version and only playlisted the Taio/Travie version though. I guess one of the main aims was to get her back on radio 1 after they ignored Better Than Today.
  6. But Radio 2 played the Kylie version. She was on her way out with Radio 1 by that point anyway. It was a clever move on Taio's teams part to capitalize on the demographics of the two main stations for a hit.
    In the long run it doesn't matter since it is still recognised as a Kylie hit and the version with both her and Travie is sublime.

    Just wish the single cover was better. Why is she staring so oddly at Taio's hand? The editing was really bad too which makes no sense when you see how stunning she was during the video shoot.

  7. Yes but at the time it was very clear that it was trying to regain some of the footing that she had lost with Radio 1 (the only radio station that really mattered at the time for singles success). The fact that Radio 1 dumped her for a different version was clearly not part of the plan given she had Radio 2 support at that time anyway.
  8. It wasn't Kylie's release though, she was just the featured artist on Taio's song, the fact she was on it at all was likely down to it being written for her to use on Aphrodite and that falling through. Taio's label clearly knew Kylie would help sell it to radio 2 and Travie would do it for Radio 1 and the US.
    Acts, especially female ones, never really reclaim radio 1 once they lose anyway.
  9. At that point they had just not playlisted the third single from Aphrodite. It wasn’t clear that they had dropped her completely given that All the Lovers had been A listed for weeks. I understand the advantage it would have for Taio, but there was no reason why Kylie would record it other than to regain footing she had lost - which didn’t happen due to the Travie version. There’s obviously a reason why she hasn’t mentioned it for years.
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  10. Maybe she just liked the song and wanted to be on it?
    She was getting older and Get Outta My Way had underperformed despite having backing, radio 1 is especially fickle when it comes to female acts who start to drop off.
    There are a lot of song that Kylie doesn't mention, she's got 39 odd years worth of them.
  11. To be fair, aside from "Especially For You" and "Where The Wild Roses Grow," Kylie doesn't really seem to acknowledge her collaborations, whether it be during live performances or on the tracklists of her Greatest Hits albums.
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  12. Today I discovered that this was Kylie's last No. 1 single:

  13. I find it odd that there was even a version made available to radio without Kylie. To me that screams of Taio being super shady. But I guess we’ll never truly know.
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  14. The Kids erasure cleared my skin.
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  15. I excluded "Kids" because despite being a Robbie single, it also appeared on Light Years.
  16. Other than those and Higher I don’t think she’s released any other other collaborations as singles that haven’t appeared on her studio albums? Certainly not any other ones that were hits.
  17. Lots of ones from this century that weren’t hits like the one with Giorgio Moroder, Coldplay etc.
  18. Limpio/Limpido
    Sometime Samurai
    Right Here, Right Now
    The Other Boys
    Really Don't Like U
    We Are One

    There have been loads, maybe not "hits" but none of them are on any of her albums.
    She needs to collate them onto a mini album cause her collabs are all pretty decent.
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  19. The record shop sent me a 12” of ‘Right here, right now’ for free with my order of the Fever vinyl. Nice of them (must have had lots of spare stock). I played it once. Unlikely I’ll repeat that.
  20. If memory serves me right, the narrative that was circulating back then was that Kylie’s management didn’t even know about it and the whole thing was a surprise. Word was that Get Outta My Way not making the top 10 was responsible for her being dropped from Radio One. No one’s ever confirmed anything but it seems very plausible.
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