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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Better Than Today as 3rd single mustn't have helped the situation.
  2. Radio One were just looking for an excuse but she had a long run.
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  3. Goes to show how brutal the music industry is.
  4. Also horribly managed campaigns and bad decisions that Parlophone and Kylie were personally responsible for.
  5. I like Better Than Today, but it should have never been an single.
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  6. It should've been a standalone-single in 2009.
  7. It shouldn't have been recorded.
  8. That's a bit harsh. It's a cute bop and it was fine for a new song to debut on the USA tour in 2009, but it should never have had to shoulder the weight of a do-or-die moment of an album campaign.

    Edit: an album campaign that already had a big misfire.
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  9. I adore Better Than Today, but making it a single was an unfortunate choice.
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  10. Better Than Today is a fine song, she's released much worse. The Aphrodite era in general fell apart as soon as the album itself came out. Let us not forget the "uh...soon" when she was asked about when Better Than Today would be released.
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  11. I'm actually in the middle of a rediscovery of the 1994 album and really trying to build an space for the whole era in my own internal cloud. I've started working in payroll and an entire Tuesday is spent just batch processing employee holidays and it's the perfect excuse to just listen to an album from top to bottom and letting it run while you work. As I type I'm replayign the entire Rapino Brothers demo disc.
  12. KM94, is a record of pure class. Nice to see it regarded quite nicely overall on here.
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  13. I still love KM94. I used it as my warmup music while getting ready to go out through much of my twenties. It built up just enough to amp me up for the club, but not so much so that I wanted to lay down and take a disco nap. Depending on my mood, I’d move to Fever or Body Language in the car and I’d be ready to go. Put Yourself in My Place remains one of my all-time favorite Kylie moments as well. It’s impossible to fault.
  14. Preach. I identify with all of this.
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  15. I don't know if this is true, but I read somewhere—it might have been in this thread actually—that a deciding factor as to why "Better Than Today" was made a single was because someone of importance at Radio 2 said that they'd playlist "Better Than Today" and nothing else from Aphrodite, so it really left Team Kylie with no choice but to release "Better Than Today."

    Like @SlowGinFizzzz, I kind of wish that she'd never recorded it, but I can understand why it was made a single if the story is true. After losing the support of Radio 1, I can imagine that her team wouldn't want to lose the support of yet another major radio station in her core market.
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  16. I don't think that Taio was being shady by having a different feature artist on the song for a different market. It used to be quite common place, like when Enrique Iglesias recorded three different versions of "Takin' Back My Love" with three different vocalists for different markets. Kylie being replaced on the US version makes a lot of sense. Kylie has never really been a chart force in the US, so her addition really wouldn't do anything for its potential US success.

    It was evident that Kylie's version was intended to serve as the main version in Australia and the UK, etc., so I'm sure that it was a shock to Taio as well that radio in the UK was ignoring the Kylie version in favor of the Travie version.
    Oh, true. Most of her collaborative singles have occurred post-Kiss Me Once, when her status as a singles artist had more or less ended.
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  17. Don't mind Higher, but shame it became her last ever top 10 hit when you compare it to other Kylie singles of the past decade or so.
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  18. Into The Blue would've been a worthy final top 10 hit for Kylie (a nice side effect would be that she'd actually have to acknowledge it every now and then ddd). It's a shame Kylie and the label didn't do more with it to get it to 10 rather than just 12.
  19. Shame Into The Blue couldn't hold onto it's #7 midweek. Shame too that Kylie didn't even perform the song until after it had been released.
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