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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. She might have nice jumpsuits.
  2. She may own a string of garages and now be a yummy mummy.
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  3. And she may find herself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
    And she may ask herself, well, how did I get here?

  4. For the record i've never made a single for contract. Ever. never have, never will. B x
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  5. We wish you did though! Cause for example your Golden tracks needed single releases @biff stannard
  6. Shelby 68 is indeed the jewel of Golden for me
  7. Great to hear “straight from the horses mouth” so to speak. So many people on here posting things as fact with no actual evidence behind them.
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  8. 'Please Stay' was meant to be a possible 5th (4th if you exclude 'Kids') release after 'Your Disco Needs You' but we all know what happened with that.

    The fact 'Disco Down' didn't even get a look in shocks me still.
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  9. Didn't Nerina recently debunk the myth that Better For Today was a contracted single too?

    And there's no way Parlophone wouldn't release a Pharrell song at his commercial peak as a single, whether he stipulated it or not. And considering the number of songs he's written and produced for people that are album tracks only suggests this is probably fan fiction too.
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  10. Please Stay, just may well be my favourite of the Light Years singles these days, still feels so timeless.
  11. Hands down my favourite track from Kiss Me Once, it’s beautiful.
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  12. I genuinely think that some fans really NEED to create a reason to explain away something they don't like or understand, even when the most mundane and straightforward answer is the likely one.
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  13. The real answer is that Parlophone were clueless and Team Kylie should have left them years before.
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  14. That's pretty much correct I would say too.
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  15. Nice jumpsuits. Beautiful jumpsuits…
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  16. Weren’t they called “overalls” the first time around?
  17. I love Trippy Kylie. It would probably never happen but I would to have a sophisticated ethreal trip-hop inspired album from her.
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  18. 'Sleeping With The Enemy' always felt like a sister to 'Fragile' at least musically.
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  19. HMD


    I’ve never gotten the love for Sleeping With The Enemy. It feels bland to me.
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