Kylie Minogue

All The Lovers was the exception rather than the rule. She wasn't going to last much longer on radio 1 because of her age and fact she wasn't all that cool anymore anyway. It happened to be a summery song released during a lovely summery time in the UK so more people would request it. It didn't happen any quicker to her than it did other female acts, Radio 1 are extremely fickle and will drop an artist by the next single.
By 2014 she was pretty much doomed either way so I'd rather she just went for it and put out the less commercial sounding songs.
They/them, he/him
Skirt goes OFF and that is that on that. I won’t stand for the slander!

The Keiino cover of On A Night Like This missed the raw sensuality of the original in favour of a more dance orientated flavour- but you know I really like it. I could do without the cheesy male spoken bits in the middle 8- but it’s a cute bop that I’ll “use” again.
Mr President and Sleeping with the Enemy are just top tier smashes.....who decided to keep them out? Sia? That woman made me so upset at the time.

I can just visulaise Mr President being performed on tour in front of a capacity crowd.