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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I think if we're doing personal lowlights from each album I'd say:

    I Miss You
    Heaven And Earth
    Count The Days
    I Guess I Like It Like That
    Through The Years
    Under The Influence Of Love
    Give It To Me
    Too Much
    Mr President
    Low Blow

    Fair to say some picks were considerably easier than others, as I don't actively hate anything on Impossible Princess, Light Years or Body Language.
  2. Granted the tour version is infinitely better than the album version, but it's still not enough to make it a good song.
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  3. Never seen this particular performance before. She looks gorgeous-the red hair during 94/95, really suited her.
  4. Last place list:

    1. Look My Way
    2. Secret Heart
    3. Count The Days
    4. No World Without You
    5. Falling
    6. I Don’t Need Anyone
    7. Password
    8. Give It To Me
    9. I Feel For You
    10. Sensitized
    11. Cupid Boy
    12. I Was Gonna Cancel
    13. Rollin’
    14. Fine Wine
  5. 1 I Miss you
    2 Heaven and earth
    3 One boy girl
    4 No world without you
    5 Time will pass you by
    6 Through the years
    7 Kookachoo
    8 Give it to me
    9 I feel for you (although anything other than Slow or Sweet music could go too)
    10 Nu-di-ty
    11 Better than today
    12 I was gonna cancel
    13 Low blow
    14 Fine wine
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  6. Mine are:

    1, I Miss You
    2. Tears on my Pillow
    3. Count the Days
    4. Word is Out
    5. Falling
    6. Breathe
    7. Bittersweet Goodbye
    8. Give it to Me
    9. Obsession
    I0. Cosmic
    11. Better than Today
    12. Beautiful
    13. Sincerely Yours
    14. Til You Love Somebody
  7. Breathe? I adore that song, one of my favourite Kylie songs. Low Blow seems to be universally hated anyway, probably my least favourite on Golden too to be fair.
  8. Yep not a bad song, just my least favourite on that one. Probably says more about the standard across the whole album!
  9. Ah, that makes more sense, I guess. Though, it’s my favourite song on Impossible Princess, the single version that is.
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  10. I Miss You
    My Secret Heart
    Count The Days (don't dislike it, just least favourite)
    No World Without You
    I Don't Need Anyone
    I'm So High
    Cruise Control
    All I See
    Go Hard Or Go Home
    Low Blow + Rollin'
    Spotlight + Hey Lonely
  11. Think mine is Dreams or Jump
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  12. I Miss You
    All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine
    The World Still Turns
    No World Without You
    Nothing Can Stop Us
    Through The Years
    I Feel For You
    Million Miles
    Live A Little
    Monday Blues

    I don't actively dislike any of them except Monday Blues, kids and Million Miles though, they are just the ones I don't go to as often as the others.

    To sprinkle some positivity, my favourite non singles on each go like:

    Love At First Sight
    I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)
    Things Can Only Get Better
    Too Much of a Good Thing
    Love Is Waiting
    Disco Down
    Radio On
    Last Chance
  13. Oh, are we doing our least favorites?

    • "I'll Still Be Loving You" / "Love At First Sight,"
    • "Heaven And Earth" / "My Secret Heart,"
    • "One Boy Girl,"
    • "I Guess I Like It Like That,"
    • "Time Will Pass You By,"
    • "I Don't Need Anyone,"
    • "Koocachoo" / "Loveboat,"
    • "Dancefloor,"
    • "I Feel For You,"
    • "No More Rain,"
    • "Looking For An Angel,"
    • "Beautiful" / "Mr President" / "Sexy Love,"
    • "Low Blow,"
    • "Celebrate You" / "Monday Blues" / "Where Does The DJ Go?"
  14. I've tried to base mine on deluxe album track listings, without singles or b-sides etc.

    Worst tracks

    1. Look My Way
    2. My Secret Heart
    3. Count the Days (not bad at all)
    4. No World Without You (again, I actually quite like this)
    5. Where Has The Love Gone? (another tough one, no bad tracks on KM94)
    6. You can't make me choose, don't make me choose!
    7. I'm So High
    8. Fragile
    9. After Dark
    10. Heart Beat Rock (her worst track, and yes I'm including Monky Man, AAAAA and Chiggy Wiggy in that list)
    11. Illusion
    12. Sexy Love
    13. Sincerely Yours
    14. Unstoppable

    Best tracks

    1. Turn It Into Love
    2. Enjoy Yourself
    3. Things Can Only Get Better
    4. Right Here, Right Now
    5. Dangerous Game
    6. Too Far (Though it could be any of the album tracks depending on the day/my mood)
    7. Disco Down
    8. Love Affair (Give it to Me is a close second)
    9. Someday
    10. Speakerphone
    11. Too Much
    12. Fine
    13. Lost Without You
    14. Dance Floor Darling
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  15. Too Much a lowlight?
  16. Low Bow, is the only one of the 4 deluxe tracks on Golden that I have always hated. A poor way to end the album-swapped it around with Rollin', which sounds and fits better in my view.
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  17. Yes, absolutely. I don't love that album anyway (bar the first two singles, Closer and Everything Is Beautiful) but Too Much is hideous. Overly busy production, banal lyrics, horrible autotuned vocals...just no redeeming features at all. It's one of the worst things even Calvin Harris has put his name to, let alone Kylie or Jake Shears.
  18. ^ The repetitive chorus that has no melody, that stupid drop, the clattering instrumental. Ick.

    'Give It To Me' reminds me a lot of Donna Summer, so I can't hate it.
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  19. I took Give It To Me off Fever on iTunes years ago so always forget about it
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  20. Too Much is my favourite song on the album and it’s my favourite Kylie album overall. Everything Is Beautiful is my least favourite track…I find that song very boring. Tbh it’s nice that we have such differing feeling towards the same tracks. :-)
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