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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. And that we can be so nice about it too!
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  2. Too Much is brilliant, I think. As has been said before, it was We Found Love 1.0.
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  3. Thanks to the much appreciated fine advice about mixes/B-sides etc from @IEngineered and @WhatKindOfKylie? (amongst many others) over in ‘comeback corner’, I’ve now retrospectively filled up my mid 90’s Kylie collection with KM94 album and all the related UK cd singles, Hits+, and the Impossible Princess deluxe CD.

    Really not bothered about anything prior to this, but are there any essential/notable mixes/b side songs that are worth hunting down up to and including the Fever era that aren’t covered by the above? I’ve also got standard Light Years album and version of Fever that had the six(?) track extra cd.

    Appreciate this is a bit of an ask, but I figured the Kylie expertise was to be found here so any pointers welcome! Thanks everyone
  4. Glad to hear you're enjoying your Kylie music journey!
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  5. yes indeed - forgotten how much I liked singles of that era - some great remixes of ‘Confide…’ on the cd singles.
  6. MixKylie is a godsend for collectors.
  7. Yes, some of her finest ever remixes these in my view.
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  8. Now that is the way to do a database for music fans!
  9. I recently discovered that SAW basically recycled the Better the Devil You Know melody for this song.
  10. Yep, they sure did. Not a bad song, if of course NO Better The Devil You Know!
  11. The majority of SAW songs sound like something they recycled from their own catalogue.
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  12. I mean didn’t Mandy Smith record Got To Be Certain before Kylie with the same production? SAW were notorious for recycling tracks. A bit like how Benny & Bjorn for ABBA would discard 99% of a song that wasn’t working and then take the 1% they liked and apply to another song?
  13. I’ll Be Loving You
    My Secret Heart
    Count The Days
    Live And Learn
    Say Hey
    More More More
    I Feel For You
    Looking For An Angel
    Mr President / I Was Gonna Cancel
    Low Blow
  14. I love this song!
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  15. What kind of Kids erasure is this on my worst list, I'm So High, please accept my apologies.
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  16. I actually love “I’m So High.” It and “Under the Influence of Love” are incredibly underrated on that album.
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  17. A lot of discussion about her worst songs from each album.
    While some choices I don't agree should be on there i.e. One Boy Girl (I mean why bring that girl down?)
    Still looking at the lists and each of these lists still give off solid album vibes to me.
    We Lovers are very blessed indeed!
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  18. Not a “the Worst of Kylie Minogue” ranking ddd

    I can’t really give a full list, not because I don’t dislike any tracks, it’s just that a lot of her SAW album material I simply forget. I just don’t go back to them much, including singles so starting with the eponymous album:

    Where Has The Love Gone?
    Some Kind of Bliss
    So Now Goodbye
    Your Love
    I Feel For You
    Heart Beat Rock
    Sexy Love
    Only You
    Radio On
    Real Groove (but the Initial Talk remix significantly improves it and is my second favorite out of the era).
  19. I would prefer to like her songs more than dislike them.
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  20. Believe it was 17 years ago today since Kylie released one of her most forgotten singles, backed with one of her finest ever of so many superb B-sides:

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