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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I won't never get over how sexy the transition from Light Years to Supernova is on the Infinite Disco. Just just perfect!
    And that choir in All The Lovers and Say Something still send me to tears!

    Totally gagging for a tour right now!
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  2. Absolutely love both songs. Add Loving You to this and it’s a fabulous little EP. I don’t even know any other songs that I would put into one category with these; it feels like she had created her own little genre with the Ultimate Kylie sessions.
  3. I played these songs back to back earlier, and it was quite a moment.
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  5. It's very Brit pop of that era that Xenomania created in the 2000s. Kind of punk synth Brit pop. I wouldn't know how else to categorise it.

  6. Kylie's coolest Top of the Pops performance. Just mesmerising.
  7. The Tory on that other site is saying that we won’t have a Disco tour (I guess people had given up on that anyway), but the next tour will be with the next album combined. Which makes me think we’ll be getting a new album sooner rather than later so that the tour can go on sale.
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  8. I am guessing we will get a new album towards the end of the year with tour next year. This should hopefully mean if she has two albums worth of new music to perform we should get a few less of the old faithfuls she wheels out in every concert. Fear not, I'm sure she will still find space for Kids!
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  9. Fingers crossed for Kylie's own Drowned World tour.
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  10. Disco was only good enough for a section anyway, not a full tour.

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  11. I mean there are at least 8 - 10 songs from the Disco era (the 6 singles, Miss a Thing, Supernova, I Love It) which would be amazing on tour which is more songs than she does in most tours from the new album it represents.
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  12. I'd love it more if she wasn't miming to Cathy Dennis.
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  13. Kids is long overdue for retirement. No-one would miss it.
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  14. Just get out Dennis.
  15. I’ve never heard “Loving You”! It’s cute! Shame Ultimate Kylie came out around a time only two or less new songs on a Greatest Hits was in fashion. Five new songs (that includes “I Believe In You”) would’ve been great!
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  16. Don't most greatest hits only tend to have about 2 new songs?
  17. I genuinely don't see this happening. Its exclusion during Infinite Disco spelled out its fate.
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  18. I feel like for a while in the late 10s and early 00s, greatest hits that were treated as proper albums (and not like a budget release) advertised having an EPs worth of new material.
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  19. Makes me think the next album could either be a kind of Disco Part 2 affair so it all goes in together for the subsequent tour. Or a more clubby/electro sound to create distinct sections of a tour such as going from The Disco to The Club.
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  20. Would love this. Perhaps with some synthwave elements in there too. Drawing from the disco era of the 1980s like Annie album that won some Grammy's in Norway or I AM BOLEYNS recent release.
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