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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Or give us House Kylie.
  2. I just hope Sky Adams won't get anywhere near this project. My poor heart can't handle another Kylie album where half of the songs are more or less unlistenable.
  3. She said in an early interview how it was so hard to record and she actually broke down crying because she couldn't get it right.
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  4. I don’t have a problem with Sky Adams. The best song on the album is still Supernova. And I love DFD and Last Chance.

    Looks like this next project is very Biff focused.
  5. I mean this is just based on the fact that she had a recording session with him, not sure that translates into the project being focused on him.
  6. There were a series of posts last year too. And now in March this year indicates this isn’t a recording session.
  7. Hasn't she recorded with Biff for pretty much every 2000s record?
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  8. I’d really love a Disco 2 tbh, more than any of her previous records. She hasn’t really spoken about her next album, has she? I can see it being int he same lane as Disco as it’s been such a big success and she suits it so well.
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  9. A bit random, but I just saw the commercial for the celeb edition of Name That Tune in the US and Kylie’s name was on the board. Anyone want to place a bet that Head will be making an appearance as one of the tunes?
  10. Just epic. One of her most criminally underrated singles/songs/remixes all round.
  11. I remember the song, video and this remix being everywhere at the time. I thought it was a hit.
  12. Certainly feels more unloved now compared to the other 3 Fever singles.
  13. People remember “In Your Eyes”!? I mean, it’s definitely my favorite of the four but being an American, “In Your Eyes” is often forgotten (granted, it was never released here so it’s more that it is just not known).

    But “Come Into My World” didn’t exactly smash here either.
  14. It does get lost when you consider the other singles are pop classics. But I wouldn’t say it’s underrated like songs like The One, Say Something which should have been bigger.
  15. Just watching the TOTP Kylie special on iPlayer (again) and it struck me that even though she was so young and new to the pop star game, what amazing stage presence and confidence she had on her debut TOTP performance here!

  16. So iconic-what an total star from the outset!
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  17. Video is blimmin marvellous. And I think that after “Can’t…” it’s my next favourite single from album. Tho tbh that Fever era is peerless
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  18. In Your Eyes is her 4th most streamed song on Spotify (after Head, Higher and Santa Baby) so it is definitely remembered.
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  19. Oh totally. Better The Devil is on now. She was serving CHOREOGRAPHY during the whole Rhythm of Love era, wasn’t she? Rhythm of Love will forever be my favourite Kylie era, absolutely everything about it, the music, the LOOKS, the videos. It was all perfect.
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  20. JUSTICE!!

    also, kiiii that her superior version of “Higher” is doing so well.
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