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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yes, the Fever singles run, was just superb.
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  2. Personally, I don't think she should ever do a Part 2 album. One of the reasons Kylie has lasted so long is that she is always doing something new for each album, so I would rather she move on to something different for the next record.
  3. Doing a part 2 WOULD be doing something new though?
  4. A part 2 would have made sense if there wasn't already a re-issue of it. It's time to move on from Disco now. By all means use some of the songs on tour but I want something fresh now.
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  5. It's time for the folktronica pussy anthems.
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  6. She does look great. Was miming not such a big issue in the 90s? I can't imagine singers could get away with that on a tv show nowadays.
  7. They just mime better now
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  8. I didn’t mean a literal part 2 like Steps have done I just meant a continuation from Disco, though if she is going to tour both albums together then maybe a part 2 isn’t a bad idea. Though I really don’t think any of Kylies albums have been that radically different anyway, except maybe Impossible Princess.
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  9. About a year after this TOTP stopped acts miming but prior to that almost everyone mimed. Her performances singing live were a mixed bag as she couldn't dance anywhere near as much and slightly wobbly vocals too.
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  10. Disco to me is a good album. It’s a pleasant listen but it could be more interesting. When I play it, I enjoy it (especially the extended versions) but I have never wanted to play it on repeat. I just feel I’m done with it once I’ve played it and I need something completely different.

    I don’t need a retread. I need an album with a different tone and more variety.
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  11. I do agree with others that Sky Adams should not be part of the next album. Two albums is enough. We need fresh blood.
  12. I think that this has been posted before and met with much derision, but I hope that her next album is a contemporary pop album and not another "concept" album.
  13. 100% agree, we've had the acoustic album, the Christmas album, the country album and the disco album. Just give us an album without raiding the dressing up box next time. The last Kylie album I loved was Kiss Me Once for that very reason.
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  14. Kiss me once was the ultimate 'dress up' album doing a bunch of styles and sounds without much of her actual personality or identity. It's a bland 'other people are successful doing this sound so...' mess.
  15. It was a dance/pop album like most of her others and Kiss Me Once, If Only and Les Sex are among the best songs she's ever done.
  16. But some of the worst songs she's ever done are on there too. I wouldn't say the same for Disco (or Golden if we just turn it off after Lost Without You)
  17. I dunno if any of you knew this, but apparently Kylie was planning to sign to MCA Records and release "Rhythm of Love" there in the States. "Better The Devil You Know" got featured on the "If Looks Could Kill" soundtrack but considering what happened with Kylie's previous US attempts with Geffen, I don't think it ever properly panned out. There's a promo CD single for "Better The Devil" that's copyrighted to MCA Records/PAL Productions and a test-press cassette of a "Rhythm of Love" US pressing also exists.
  18. Would be interesting to see what would happen if it did go through. I think “What Do I Have To Do” and, especially, “Shocked” could’ve done well here at that time but unsure about “Better The Devil You Know” and “Step Back In Time”. Then again, they most likely would’ve been remixed for the US.

  19. Loses the magic of the original.
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  20. SCREAM! I forgot this existed, I should really listen to the remixes on those deluxe reissues.
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