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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The last four tracks on Golden ("Lost Without You" onwards) are bonus tracks, but weren't labelled as such on the digital edition.

    So they're not part of the album proper.
  2. US remix that still sounds British but just not as good as the original
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  3. If Looks Could Kill flopped pretty badly (which probably explains the title change to Teen Agent in the UK), so I'm not sure that would have helped much.
  4. I don't mind this much actually...
  5. I feel like the Dave Ford Mix would’ve been a better choice. It calms down the manic energy without losing much of the magic.
  6. This was definitely released as a cassette single in the US also. My teen self was bopping to it while also using the Richard Grieco cover as …inspiration.
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  7. The longevity and lasting career Kylie's managed to have without with a few exceptions, being huge in the US, is incredible.

  8. Total early 90s cheese, but I don't care! Love this remix.
  9. Oh no.
  10. Her body looks incredible. Looks like an aerobics video.
  11. 1992 Kylie, was just seriously stunning. Love her dance routine here also.
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  12. Her body was fire but I always thought her hair looked a bit ropey in that period, like hay
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  13. Oh I love her hair in that period, she looked great all round personally. Here's that remix used in all it's 12" glory too:
  14. 1992 Kylie was an absolute goddess.
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  15. Total truth right there.
  16. I’d never seen these 1994 pictures of her, truly a goddess throughout the 90s (and beyond obviously)

  17. The way she refused to age from 1992 onwards and I, who was born in 1992, look (and feel) ravaged by time and held together by sticky tape and salty tears. Legend behaviour. She stole my life force and I am happy for her to continue.
  18. What finds-just beautiful!
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  19. She looks stunning on Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story!
  20. ?!
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