Kylie Minogue

She looks stunning on Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story!
I howled! But at the same time she did look stunning, especially for the time period! Not great quality but for those who don’t want to watch the documentary (with good reason!)

I totally remember watching this as a kid, I’d have been about the same age as the kids on the show.
Way too underrated.
But that is the beauty of Kylie.
She has great highlights (and rightfully so)
And some awesome hidden gems and outstanding deepcuts. As a Lover I do get a great thrill of her underdog moments such as Where Is The Feeling.
In a way, it is a nice perk being a die hard Kylie fan to be in on all delightful gems that the general public aren't really too aware of. Lucky us indeed.
I would've loved to have seen that T in the park performance back in 1995, but considering what a live performer she became just 3 years later, that's pretty lacklustre. Not even singing the chorus of Confide In Me, and Where Is The Feeling sounding so flat and dull on stage. Funny how the crowd really go wild for Shocked, it's massive after all that mid-tempo. These days Kylie can pull any track off live, but all of those at T in the Park sound better in the studio.