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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

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  2. I just KNEW they’d include her appearance on Jim’ll Fix It. The way she looks when he kisses her hand and then she’s encouraged to kiss him on the cheek, which she of course does because she’s so polite. Vile man.
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  3. Indeed, that man always gave me the creeps. Vile is certainly the word for him. Kylie, as gracious as always it would seem.
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  4. Digital at last too boot!
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  5. Not great artwork but at least it’s official! I may not stop using the promo image for the artwork in my library.
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  6. 'It's No Secret' is one of her best ever and has aged the best on the first album.

    (The picture at the top of the page reminded me of the video.)
  7. I howled! But at the same time she did look stunning, especially for the time period! Not great quality but for those who don’t want to watch the documentary (with good reason!)

    I totally remember watching this as a kid, I’d have been about the same age as the kids on the show.
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  8. Is it the first time we have the T in the park performance in full?

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  9. On Youtube, yes I think so.
    There were some videos on Dailymotion I think which were always getting blocked on Youtube for some reason.
  10. Good find, never seen this properly before. Love her look in the mid 90s too.
  11. Just watching the Where Is The Feeling video.
    It's Decon Kylie so you can't go wrong.
    But I still can not believe how different the album version is to the single version. This must be one of the most extreme in pop.
    It's still genius.
  12. Truly one of her most criminally underrated moments. And then the Bish Bosh remix too, also fab.
  13. Way too underrated.
    But that is the beauty of Kylie.
    She has great highlights (and rightfully so)
    And some awesome hidden gems and outstanding deepcuts. As a Lover I do get a great thrill of her underdog moments such as Where Is The Feeling.
  14. Just dropping in how much I love experimental Kylie - currently listening to Whistle and Crave You
  15. Whistle is utterly gorgeous.
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  16. In a way, it is a nice perk being a die hard Kylie fan to be in on all delightful gems that the general public aren't really too aware of. Lucky us indeed.
  17. That version of Where Is The Feeling is not good for live band performances. Something arty and choreographed, maybe. But not like that.
  18. I would've loved to have seen that T in the park performance back in 1995, but considering what a live performer she became just 3 years later, that's pretty lacklustre. Not even singing the chorus of Confide In Me, and Where Is The Feeling sounding so flat and dull on stage. Funny how the crowd really go wild for Shocked, it's massive after all that mid-tempo. These days Kylie can pull any track off live, but all of those at T in the Park sound better in the studio.
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  19. That live set is a bit rough. Amazing how far she has come as a live performer.
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