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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I remember that time so well, she lost her biggest selling point, her likability. She was trying so hard to be cool and credible and it didn’t marry up with the smiley Kylie we’d all fallen in love with. I think her age and maturity, the bubble gum pop she was desperately trying to move away from, the Madonna comparisons - the nasty campaign from Virgin radio, it all took its toll on her and she just didn’t come across well. Then along came Spinning Around and the world was back on its axis!!
  2. Spinning Around, what an comeback. Truly never tire of it.
  3. Where’s the ‘love’ option for that post!
  4. Where's the love option for your post in taste of songs/agreement too!
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  5. I love a love fest!
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  6. And Kylie's all about the love too after all-#lovers
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  7. Not her best gig, but still a joy to see!! Right @Disco Blister?
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  8. low-key obsessed with Kylie's dalliance with red hair in the mid 90s.

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  9. It suited her so well.
  10. I also don’t think the music did her any favours. I personally love the Decon era but it’s completely uncommercial, no thought for singles and album campaigns that actually resonate with the public.
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  11. Would have been interesting if Kylie had her way and 'Limbo' was the lead single from Impossible Princess.
  12. All artists need to evolve else things become tired and creativity dies. After signing with deConstruction Kylie wanted to venture as far away from her PWL style as possible, she wanted to be rebellious and provocative stylistically and she achieved it. We never would've got the full pop celebration of Light Years and everything afterward had she not dipped her toes in that world.
  13. Tbh the Kylie era I enjoyed first was the Decon/Indie Kylie years but until recently never bought much of it.
    Spinning Around and then the magnificence of Fever were the points I really paid attention again
  14. All of Kylie's main eras/labels, PWL, Deconstruction, Parlophone and now BMG, have been essential in the evolution of her career I think.
  15. The difference in the atmosphere in the first half of that compared to the second half. I'm no Eamonn Holmes fan, but jesus the absolute lack of charm from Anthea Turner.
  16. It would have flopped. I love the song though.

    They should have used Breathe, Cowboy Style, Dreams as blueprints for how Impossible Princess should have sounded.

    I love the album as it stands but no one except a small group of Kylie fans would buy it. But I’m sure Kylie didn’t sign with Decon for hits. And there’s a reason why Decon went out of business. They had just a handful of hits but would spend so much money.
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  17. I get why Kylie felt she had to do Impossible Princess at the time. But, yes, none of it screamed hit singles either.
  18. Yet Impossible Princess is Kylie at her most creative and the album where she is producing her most as an artist. It is an artists album and not so much a commercial album. Which is why there are no "obvious singles".
    However that's why this album is my personal fav of hers. Properly out of the comfort zone and demonstrating exactly what she could do as an artist. Off course there has to be some form of commerciallisation yet I don't think that was the brief of this record.
    I love it and in some ways every song could have been a single.
    Even the bonus' of this era are great.
    The epic Take Me With You. The drama of Love Takes Over Me and the simply stunning This Girl. Even Stay This Way (not strictly an IP track) is one of her best vocals.
    I have nothing but praise for this era!
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  19. Oh yes, as I said, get why she had to do this album, and I do like alot more than had done in the past now. Two of the last four songs you mentioned, remain top career highlights for sure.
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  20. The sound of Impossible Princess isn't too far removed from the sound of the time which was smashing. Problem was that it wasn't what people wanted from Kylie.
    That said, the album remains my all time favourite by her and one of the best albums ever.
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