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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. People were sick of the concept of Kylie in 1997. I don't think changing the order or selection of the singles would've changed much.
  2. All of this!

    It's an album she HAD to make, At that point in time, she could have easily been written into the history books and now be on one of the many 80's nostalgia tours. I don't think she would have been commercially viable if she continued with SAW/pop sound into the late 90's. Of course, Impossible Princess wasn't a commercial venture either, but it did keep people talking, she was still in the public eye, even if it wasn't in the most favourable way for most of 1995-2000.

    She had to change her sound, rebel against her past and prove she was a creative force in her own right. And boy did she achieve all of that.

    We would not have had the Parlophone era if it wasn't for Impossible Princess. The triumphant return to pop and her embracing her past. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Impossible Princess and Light Years are her best 2 albums. Total opposite sides of the same person. Both deeply personal in very different ways, both absolute masterpieces.

    And for this little gay teenager who grew up on Stock Aitken & Waterman, Impossible Princess opened up a whole new musical world of discovery. I wouldn't have discovered Bjork, Garbage, hell even Natalie Imbruglia would have been too 'rock' for me at the time had Impossible Princess not broadened my horizon.
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  3. I do think Impossible Princess is an Kylie album you either love or hate. I don't think there's much middle ground.
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  4. Okay but can you release the 2 unreleased songs please Steve

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  5. Paper Dolls, is truly beautiful and am ashamed to admit once didn't think much of it. Came around to my senses thankfully.
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  6. Did the Acoustic Mix of Paper Dolls ever leak?
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  8. I (unintentionally) wandered down Say Hey (...) recently, the people on that forum despised Paper Dolls and Ocean Blue. Fuckin' weirdos.
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but what was there to be sick of? Hadn't Kylie been essentially MIA for about two years prior to the release of Impossible Princess? I don't know if a two year gap felt longer or shorter in a pre-internet era, but it definitely doesn't sound like a case of oversaturation.
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  10. Changes of the musical soundscape and ignorance tbh. Kylie trying to be a one woman Republica didn't really wash with anybody. Trying to appeal to yer NME crowd while yer Smash Hits crowd were an afterthought? Both crowds say "nah".
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  11. The worst thing you could say about "Paper Dolls" is that its lyrical earnestness could be a bit too saccharine for your taste, but despise it? Not in this house. It's sublime, an insanely good love song that just describes the early heady days of romance without trying to complicate itself or elevate itself into metaphors and double-meanings.

    I'd have much preferred if this had been a second recording, rather than just "Paper Dolls" with the electric guitar and percussion multi-tracks turned off.
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  12. Oh absolutely. I was in the early heady days of a romance at the time and it totally made sense to me. It was an absolute moment at the Anti tour. I may have shed a tear at a long lost love that night.
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  13. What does the line "We're like paper dolls" even mean anyway?
  14. Paper dolls are joined together.

  15. Ahh I had no idea those things were called paper dolls.
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  16. Ocean Blue is completely stunning. One of my favourite Kylie songs if I'm honest. Wish it was on streaming!
  17. It really is. It's simple but stunning and definitely one of her best.
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  18. Perhaps we can get @aquaplex on the case…Ocean Blue and the Garibay EP, oh and the 2 amazing Aphrodite Japanese bonus tracks Mighty Rivers and Heartstrings.
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  19. Mighty Rivers is on iTunes/Apple music in the UK I think.
  20. I just rushed to Spotify there but no it’s definitely not on Spotify UK anyway.
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