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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Not my friends and certainly not Australia, Impossible Princess did very well in Oz. We loved "IndieKylie"! The album appeared in the top 50 for 35 weeks, making it her longest charting album in Australia at the time!
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  2. I kinda love and hate this, I love when producers let us know about unreleased songs, I love to know they are real and not just fan fictions, but I hate when they keep teasing us with unrelased tracks and don't release them.
    I think we all would be really happy to have them all in the best quality, the Anti Tour was the perfect opportunity to do it and they didn't.
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  3. Didn't Intimate and Live have a long run in Australia? Really goes to show how important a tour is.
  4. SO much of her catalogue is missing from Spotify (at least in NZ anyway). There are many others that are mislabeled. It's so frustrating that someone of Kylie's stature has so much missing from streaming platforms. It's one of the main reasons I haven't embraced streaming fully yet.
  5. I remember I bought Impossible Princess on release day after school with a few friends. We were all 12/13. When I picked the album up and went to pay, literally every single one of my friends I was with was like “why are you buying this?”. I can’t help but feel that was the attitude of the British public at the time for Kylie in 1997. She was out of fashion. Ears and eyes were on other acts. Yet she did have a loyal enough fan base that got her into the charts before she’d plummet after.

    Also, what a stupid thing to say - “why are you buying this?” Obviously because I like it!
  6. Surely it wouldn't be that much effort from Parlophone to chuck out a definitive B-Sides playlist/album? So many of her best songs from that era were B-Sides that you can't stream. It's a crime to her legacy! Isn't it just a matter of pressing a button for them?
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  7. Especially as 'You're The One' was performed on that bloody tour!
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  8. If they didn’t care when she was signed with them I doubt they would care now. Nothing will happen until probably Kylie owns the rights to her Parlophone catalogue. Which is not far off now.
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  9. I dont think people were sick of her per se, i feel she tried to go to cool too soon, another album or two with her bubblegum pop would have been great and the masses would have lapped it up but the SAW general public didnt know what to make of her working with the manic street preachers and the like, and also the "cool" crowd not quite ready for the neighbours star who did I should be so lucky to release work with street cred people, she was caught between two stones.
  10. Not when Let's Get To It had sold 3 copies.
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  11. It started off very well with Confide In Me, which absolutely rehabilitated Kylie's reputation with listeners who had loved and left her behind while they went into high school. But Impossible Princess, while being a huge favourite of mine, also took Kylie too far down the alternative road without any concessions to the pure pop sound/visuals that made her a force in the charts. I think Kylie is always at her most successful when she's putting out unpretentious uninhibited pure pop songs. That's the Kylie people adore. When she puts out songs about rare type fonts, that's when she loses the general audience. For me, indie Kylie was a necessary detour that helped give her the indie audience that would join her established (and lost) pop audience, both of which would join to herald in her Fever imperial phase.
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  12. Lets get to it was a concious attempt to try and change her image, she was starting to do sexier videos and wanted to sex up the songs as well, Lets get to it wasnt bubblegum pop like the first two.
  13. I don’t think anyone expected GBI to cross into the general public. She just wasn’t chasing hits.

    If they wanted hits they could have done a cool dance record and it would have done well. But she probably wanted the antithesis of what PWL was.
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  14. No doubt Michael Hutchence at the time had a major influence in her life at the time to do something more credible, kylie herself said he pushed her in that direction.
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  15. GBI was the cool dance record and it flopped. I love it, of course.
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  16. If she'd put out a safe, generic font bop called "Helvetica", it'da been a hit.
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  17. Well if you want generic, then you can't go wrong with Times New Roman. Now that's a smash waiting to happen.
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  18. Century Gothic.
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  19. I think Arial 12 is being reserved for The Little Mermaid remake
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  20. Finally had the time to fully dedicate myself to Infinite Disco and you know? She is a beautiful one.
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