Kylie Minogue

Do people really consider "Really Don't Like U" Impossible Princess-esque? To me, it just sounds like sleek modern pop.

Yes. IP is a really diverse album with pop gems like Dreams and Cowboy Style.

Also, nothing jarring if you play Breathe after Really Don't Like U.
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I’ve just had ‘Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection’ playing on vinyl and the pressing/recording for ‘Dancing’ sounded like utter shit compared to everything else. Has anyone else had this issue?

I think 'Dancing' is badly mastered anyway so the transfer to vinyl hasn't been favourable to it.
Sky might be a good producer but his work with Kylie is just not a good mix. I can forgive some of the more iffy moments on Golden because they switched the script on him to produce an album using a genre he knew nothing about, but on Disco it seems like the music equivalent of nails on a chalkboard at some points.
The extended mixes ironed out a lot of those issues though.
Yes, 20 concerts.

Is Let's Get To It her lowest selling album? Despite 2 British Top 5 singles, the album sold poorly.
Impossible Princess has sold almost 2 x platinum in AUST, don't know about the UK?

I am sure I read that it had sold around 75k in the UK a few years back. Which would make it Silver I think?
I remember reading some stats that showed Let’s Get outsold Impossible Princess by at least 10 - 15k in the UK. I don’t know if streaming and reissues have changed that but I’d be surprised if they had. I really like both albums, incidentally.

The biggest surprise in terms of sales (despite its respectable figures) is Body Language. Amazing lead single but the album derailed her imperial phase and was below par as a follow-up to Fever.

The “hip-hop with glitter” brief was also a mess.
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