Kylie Minogue

I agree but I also kinda love that it's a special gift for her fans in 4 cities!!

The Enjoy Yourself & Rhythm of Love Sydney shows were both filmed and shown on Australian TV @ the time.

Australian TV showed the whole shows ? Noone was able to record it ?
I never quite understood the argument that she would have oversaturated the market with an Anti Tour release. I could see that its release in the midst of a year packed with goodies for fans might take away some time promoting the more commercial releases that happened. I still think whoever said she should do a second Anti Tour and bundle both together is on to something.
I wonder why Enjoy Yourself was not a single? It's a lot stronger than Wouldn't Change A Thing and Tears On My Pillow, which are both surprising singles for me.
I think it was meant to be, but once the tour hit Europe and she started performing Better the Devil you Know, they scrapped a 5th single.