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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Infinite Disco is #40 in the UK album chart
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  2. Kylie could very easily do an Anti-tour every 5 years or something. There's so much material to choose from.
  3. That Best Of from 20212, just NO. Ok, I of course still caved it and got it for the DVD with it mainly. And I didn't mind the use of past single logos for make up the back artwork cover not to mention all the various Kylie logos on the discs themselves. But, for an 25th anniversary release, it really was poor. Just 1 disc (CD), and an rather odd tracklist too. I still refuse to believe that like they claimed at the time fans chose it. Only one Rhythm Of Love single being on it and yet Tears On My Pillow was, says it all.
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  4. That's a whole different song.
  5. Anyone know if the 7” promo of Skirt is legit? Discog website just confuses me!! Thanks in advance
  6. HA! Ooops, sure is!
  7. According to MixKylie, Skirt was only released digitally, so the promo is probably fake.
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  8. Thank you! Really appreciate your help
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  9. Skirt is such a bop. I sometimes wish that Kiss Me Once was the full on slutty edm-pop bangerthon Skirt hinted at.
  10. Me too! I love the Switch remix
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  11. Skirt is probably my favourite thing to come out of Kiss Me Once. What a sexy track.
  12. While I agree that it seems like an utter farce that the tracklist was curated by fans, "Tears On My Pillow" was Kylie's sole 90's UK No. 1, so its place on the tracklist made some sense. "Celebration," however, made significantly less sense (Australian No. 21, UK No. 20).
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  13. I suspect that the SAW-era covers were easier/cheaper to license than the SAW originals since Uncle Pete didn't control their publishing.
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  14. Of course, Kylie now owns the rights to her Hit Factory material, so no problems in terms of licensing either.
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  15. Tears is… not a single I return to. It felt boring then… and my view hasn’t changed.
  16. The real tea is that the PWL-era Kylie songs that are not awful can be counted on one hand.
  17. The actual tea is that this is nonsense.
  18. Bull. Shit
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  19. You were not fabulous enough to be born in time to appreciate them.
  20. And they are…?
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