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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Tea
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  2. I love that they used a Kylie song last night in one of the interval clips at Eurovision!
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  3. You'd better get that checked out. 35 fingers on one hand isn't normal.
  4. PWL Kylie is fabulous! 5 years of mostly classics and an evolution too. The Kylie of I Should Be So Lucky in 1987, was much different to the Kylie of 1992.
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  5. Kylie's PWL stuff for the most part is pretty naff and incredibly dated. Some gems exist sure, but generally what came after shows that she is capable of more and lots of the PWL was beneath her.
  6. I mean I don’t think that songs like Lucky and Got to be Certain were beneath her at the time. She was fresh out of a soap and thrown into a music career, it’s not like she had some hugely ambitious conceptual masterpiece that was being thwarted by PWL.
  7. If PWL produced 4 albums of Enjoy Yourself (album), then yeah you could say the stuff was beneath her. But Better the Devil You Know? Step Back in Time? Look My Way? Right Here Right Now? PWL Kylie, you will ALWAYS be famous.
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  8. The quality of her music began to increase the more control and say she got over what she did, rather than being given a bunch of cheesy songs she was finally able to express who she was.
    It was obvious she was a talented singer with an ear for what sounded good and she didn't much, if any, say until a good few years down the road and that was only because of in-fighting between the 3 men of SAW.

    As I said, there are some gems scattered about but so much of it is throwaway and not worthy of her (and some of it ought to have been thrown away)
  9. Stop
    being wrong.
  10. Like nobody would sign Kylie back them until PWL took her in. There's be no Kylie without PWL. And calling the songs beneath her or that she didn't need them when half of the first 'credible' Decon album was half-baked covers dd and the second one literally killed the label.
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  11. It's some weeks I'm listening to PWL bsides and the more I hear this the more it sounds like a very, very early demo of a Kylie94 album. maybe the ones with M People.
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  12. A quick question for anybody that could help, but I’ve been revisiting the Fever era and wonder what songs were passed on and given to other artists?

    I know that Atomic Kitten’s ‘Feels So Good’ and Sarah Whatmore’s ‘When I Lost You’ we’re both originally offered with the first being recorded, but were there any others?

    Would Sophie Monk’s ‘Inside Outside’ & ‘Get the Music On’ be one which were both written by Ray Hedges at the same time?
  13. 'Just A Little' by Liberty X was probably offered to her at some point.
  14. Kylie's original of Feels So Good, is probably my favourite Fever era outtake. Shame she passed it on.
  15. For me, that honour goes to ‘Rendezvous at Sunset’. A brilliant dance track that should have made the album.
  16. I’m the first to admit I don’t like much of the PWL era, but without it there’s no indie Kylie, no Fever album, no Glastonbury appearance or Nick Cave duet, so for that I’m thankful of the start it gave her.

    it’s like criticising some of the quite naff early Depeche, but from there it led to Violator. Those acts that are worth following need a starting point to evolve from
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  17. I really want to hear her version of When I Lost You. I fantasize about alternate timelines where she smashed with songs she passed over.
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  18. I had a friend from Blackpool who was obsessed with an ice skating show called Hot Ice, and it was at the same time I was getting into Kylie b-sides. There is a song called Rendezvous in the skating show, and it has the exact same chord opening as Kylie's Rendezvous At Sunset and it freaked me OUT at the time. Nothing else about the songs are similar, but the opening chords are identical:

  19. I was listening to In My Arms today and what an iconic song, iconic video, iconic looks which famously Lady Gaga was also inspired from. What ashame that Kylie hasnt worked with Calvin Harris after he really hit the it unlikely they can work together, have they fallen out? The leak that happened with In My Arms wasnt Kylie's fault, it would have made a great opening track from her album X but it wasnt to be.

    I hope they are still in good terms?
  20. Doubt they've fallen out. He's a bit dated now though.
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