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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. That video she served so many looks!
  2. That Rhythm Of Love singles run, was just truly outstanding. She's never quite topped that run of singles form one album in my view, although come close a couple of times.
  3. The only thing that could have made the era any more perfect would have been some b sides, but otherwise it was beyond flawless.
  4. It's definitely the strongest of those first four and the leap in style and maturity from Enjoy Yourself is still insane to think about!
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  5. Yes, shame it was the only era of the PWL years to miss out that in that respect.
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  6. I love Shocked, both the album version and the DNA 7" remix. Equally amazing.
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  7. Gotta say that remix done nothing for me.
  8. The new remix pops in a club setting.

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  10. When legend meets legend. And of course, Kylie did two great live versions back in 2009 with Benny and Björn, of these Frida vocal led ABBA classics:

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  11. Nice interview from Cannes. She always seems a lot more relaxed in interviews when she’s not in full on promo mode.
  12. She's just so lovely! Looking so nice and chilled too.
  13. Always thought I Believe In You, could have had a bit more of an oomph remix.
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  14. Just been playing Enjoy Yourself. Shame it's often regard as her worst album. It's really not that bad personally.
  15. I LOVE that album! I don’t get the hate at all. It’s a pure joy and whilst My Secret Heart and Heaven and Earth could’ve been swapped out for the far superior b sides it does show some variety of styles we later came to appreciate from Kylie over the years.
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  16. I agree, My Secret Heart is probably the only dud on it I think.
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  17. Yes I think Especially For You would’ve been a better choice for the album and/or We Know The Meaning Of Love. I mean even Made In Heaven since it was released late ‘88.
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  18. Oh, that is something I did not know yet! Lovely picture of them together
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  19. Just Wanna Love You and We Know The Meaning Of Love, were just wasted as B-sides. Should have made the album, the later especially.
  20. Little Aussie interview from Cannes.

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