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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I find it really hard to properly enjoy Can't Get You Out of My Head in recent years, as with most pop girls mega-hits that get played to death in every setting, but this Peggy Gou mix has given new life to it. It's so smooth.
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  2. Love the Word is Out mention in there!
  3. First time ever in a Kylie interview since 1991 I bet too!
  4. Heads up, an 180-gram Fever black vinyl LP repressing is up for pre-order at some indie stores with a June 10th release date.
  5. Poor Word is Out, the forgotten lead single.
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  6. I like it but the UK single version is a bit wooden.
  7. Do you prefer the slightly slower Australian version?
  8. Yes, it’s less cluttered.
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  9. Word Is Out is great. That could sound pretty good with modern production as part of a future tour setlist. I love Kylie's lower registered vocals in the verses too.
  10. Her vocal on that track is it’s saving grace. It just tried to do too much and came off as sounding flat musically especially after the 4 singles preceding it. Whilst I slightly prefer the Oz Summer Breeze 7” mix I just can’t grow to love Word Is Out at all.
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  11. The extended Summer Breeze remix is great.

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  12. It literally comes down to the weight of the vinyl. 180 gram vinyl weighs more than most vinyls, though they are becoming more common. There’s no discernible difference in sound quality. It’s cut the same as thinner vinyls. What I’ve read is that it does add a little weight to cheaper turntables and produces less jumping. If you have a higher quality turntable, you’re not going to notice anything different I’m afraid.
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  13. Word Is Out is one of my favourite PWL Kylie moments. I agree it needs a live comeback!
  14. Yeah, the belief that 180-gram is better comes from the late 90s when major label vinyl production had dropped down to thin, lightweight, reused-plastic pressed discs in short runs with sharp edges to keep the costs down - some of the indies and boutique labels started repressing albums in heavier, virgin, well cut vinyl and the "180-gram heavyweight" thing became a marketing buzz phrase.
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  15. Gotta love this taste right here! Word Is Out is truly underrated.
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  16. Word Is Out is lowkey better than most of her 80s singles IMO. It does seem slightly forced but it's a certified banger.
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  17. Looking back, perhaps if she hadn’t tried to change her image so drastically then perhaps the single would’ve been more successful. Who knows? It’s held up well over time that’s for sure!
  18. Lets Get To It is a messy album, but it seems very necessary step in terms of transitioning from Rhythm of Love to Kylie Minogue 94?
  19. The b-sides Closer and Do You Dare were it's shining moments I think!
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