Kylie Minogue

At real risk of reigniting a "what's your tracklist" discussion, I think it's roughly On This Day 15 years ago that the X demos from the 49-track pack started leaking? "In My Arms", "Stars", "Lose Control", "Fall for You" and "Sensitized"

Sexual Gold is literally the Kylie single that never was

What’s It Gonna Take is it for me.. I also love the bridge of Classical Transit but it’s very unfinished

Looking good Miss Minogue!
Did I miss something? How did Kylie go from looking gorgeous for her age in the Golden era to now somehow looking younger? I guess COVID era did wonders for her.
Yeah, I really want a new Kylie tour. First time I saw her live was on the Golden tour and whilst I really enjoyed it, it was far from my favourite (the others I'd seen only on DVD).

I just want some massive, over-the-top show. I guess it won't happen now until the next album but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
AHH - no RSVP required for that event seems risky though? What time do people think we should get there??

And yes @Shuey...I wonder if there'll be a way to win tickets!