Kylie Minogue

Did I miss something? How did Kylie go from looking gorgeous for her age in the Golden era to now somehow looking younger? I guess COVID era did wonders for her.
Yeah, I really want a new Kylie tour. First time I saw her live was on the Golden tour and whilst I really enjoyed it, it was far from my favourite (the others I'd seen only on DVD).

I just want some massive, over-the-top show. I guess it won't happen now until the next album but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

Looking good Miss Minogue!

So hot. Looks like somebody killed a swan before Kylie arrived though - the state of that carpet!
AHH - no RSVP required for that event seems risky though? What time do people think we should get there??

And yes @Shuey...I wonder if there'll be a way to win tickets!