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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. She's primed for a new era and tour next year, hopefully.
  2. Did I miss something? How did Kylie go from looking gorgeous for her age in the Golden era to now somehow looking younger? I guess COVID era did wonders for her.
  3. Yeah, I really want a new Kylie tour. First time I saw her live was on the Golden tour and whilst I really enjoyed it, it was far from my favourite (the others I'd seen only on DVD).

    I just want some massive, over-the-top show. I guess it won't happen now until the next album but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
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  5. So hot. Looks like somebody killed a swan before Kylie arrived though - the state of that carpet!
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  6. Officially launching in the US. This is exciting. I’d love to get access to that private event also mentioned. Fingers crossed.
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  7. AHH - no RSVP required for that event seems risky though? What time do people think we should get there??

    And yes @Shuey...I wonder if there'll be a way to win tickets!
  8. Kylie’s at the ABBA Voyage premiere tonight.
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  9. Another day, another amazing look.
  10. I wish there was a better pic of Baz and Kylie in Cannes

  11. She’s getting a lot of travelling in.
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  12. The London tabloids......

    LOVED UP Kylie Minogue cuddles up to rarely seen boyfriend Paul Solomons at Abba Voyage premiere

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  13. OK, let's break the US properly this time with wines and use that money for extravagant tours and talented producers!
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  14. She really is just looking so wonderful lately and very happy. Nice to see.
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  16. Woof
  17. Does Paul Solomon own any other clothes??!!
  18. Happy birthday to Kylie - and happy Kylie Day to all of us!!
    Which Kylie album(s) will YOU play today?

    I will start with.... DISCO
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Also happy 10th birthday to this (mess)!

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  20. So many issues with this for me. It's only 21 songs when it clearly should've been 25 since it was Kylie's 25 anniversary. The logos all over the place is confusing and messy, and then the front cover is quite lazy as well.

    Plus Timebomb wasn't added in time. It's a mess.
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