Kylie Minogue

Kylie will be in the States in June doing some promo for her wines.

Manhattan and New Jersey! Girl is getting out there!

My recommendation to the Americans, the wines from 'The Collection' are pricier but much nicer than 'The Signature'.

Same here, as most Kylie albums tend to go in a different direction eventually from the original premise, will be interesting to see if the original concept has stuck.
100% true!
Let's hope it's a great synth/electro album!!!
It needs to be said that Love At First Sight was followed by a number of studio albums where I don’t think she knew who she was as an artist.

I do think she got that back with Disco though. And can’t wait for the follow up.

Oh I agree totally. What I meant is there was a lot of chattering in her ear about what a Kylie song is and they should have trusted her more as she knew and was able to display that succinctly.
The US 2009 live version is the one for me. The absolute joy in her voice and the audience singing a huge amount of it make it a euphoric rush.

Perfect song, perfect video,

Perfect artwork,



perfect remixes,

perfect b-sides!

“Baby” is essential Kylie and bests about 80% of “Fever” for me. I add it to all my party playlists and my friends always ask about it and assume it’s an iconic Kylie hit they’ve never heard before. It’s so sparkly and effervescent. I always assumed it wasn’t used due to the similarities to Janet’s “Come On Get Up.”