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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. She's the new Benjamin Button.
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  2. She really is so ageless.
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  3. A Gaga collab would be the more possible of the two, but I don't see their voices meshing well together.
  4. Thats super kind. Thank You x
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  5. Whoever is styling her at the moment is doing a great job.

  6. Sure hope she’s also taking meetings for US dates for the eventual (hopefully!) DISCO tour w/ special guest Jessie Ware!
  7. Madonna’s music is awful now, so maybe it’s best to let that one slide.
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  8. ...
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  9. You’ve lost God Control.
  10. I just think they're so different now.

    Madonna's music and styling from the Confessions era collaborating with Kylie would be something. Madonna's music and styling from this Frozen remixes era collaborating with Kylie just wouldn't work.
  11. You act like Madonna can't/doesn't adapt to her surroundings dd
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  12. I'd love for Madonna to adapt to more of Kylie's pop sensibilities.
  13. Both of them are highly adaptable - and it’s not like I Don’t Search I Find is massively out of Kylie’s range.

    This reminded me of that Mirwais collaboration that was coming, I hope we’re still getting that.
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  14. So has she. Jesus has left the building.
  15. Is the new album still happening this year?

    well, if you consider the manufacturing slot for vinyl and the fact she’s in the studio in July, it looks more likely in early 2023
  16. was this announced 2 years ago?
  17. Almost, I think. Last we heard it was coming this January and then his album never materialised.
  18. Madame X is a masterpiece and that is that on that. Stream God Control!
  19. He posted on IG that his album is due in the fall, and she was confirmed to still be on it in his most recent interview.
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  20. In January he said the album was not yet finished and he said he’s not rushing it.

    But he did say the album is coming out after his novel in August.
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