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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yeah I’m not a fan of Monday Blues particularly, but people need to move past that particular lyric. Charli XCX had exactly the same lyric on her last album and literally nobody has commented on it (rightfully so!).
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  2. Nobody is dragging this bop for doing the exact same thing!
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  3. People need to remember that DISCO was put together during the peak of a pandemic, after the more reflective Golden Kylie wanted an album that was more light and fun but had heart, and I think she more than succeeded.
  4. I think this is disregarding some nuance in the discussion. I am not looking for literary masterpieces, I never said so and I think my post made perfectly clear what it is I'm looking for. I simply feel my favourite popstar is lacking some creativity in her lyrics on her last album – not that she owes me anything, and it's perfectly fine that many people on here don't share this viewpoint.
    So far the issue has been discussed without calling the album shit or attacking anyone. And this is a forum to discuss pop music. So I think the discussion is perfectly valid?!

    And I agree with this!
  5. And what a bop it is.
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  6. I don’t get why a small number of people (person) need to pop shame people who enjoy Disco.

    After being somewhat disappointed with Golden I really needed something like Disco from Kylie. And the success of the album shows I’m not alone.
  7. Let's not forget Madonna has done many a sing la dee da dee, ooh la la you're a superstar, singy singy singy, New York/dork as well.
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  8. I am a Madonna stan but some of her lyrics make my balls crawl back inside my body.
  9. I don't know about everyone else but I would absolutely be here for an entire Kylie + Biff album. She just needs to stay away from Sky.
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  10. I think if she really wants to push her boundaries then she needs to find a new set of people to work with. Team with someone who stretches what she has and finds new ways to scalp us.
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  11. If Kylie's next album is in fact going to be inspired by Slow...

  12. AND it gave us Say Something which is an absolute career highlight. It still gives me chills
  13. Oh dear, those week days in Monday Blues ! I thought she was referencing to a SAW masterpiece !
    He's my toy boy, toy boy
    I'm out with my toy boy, toy boy
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday night
  14. She's 54. She can do what she wants, she doesn't need to reinvent the wheel if she doesn't want to.
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  15. I am here for this too. What they've created so far together has been really solid but also diverse.

    Bops after bops.

  16. It's not a me issue whatsoever. "Too many cliches" has been a valid criticism of lyrics since lyrics were a thing. And it doesn't need to be witty. That's just an example. There just needs to be some kind of thought going on in the lyrics.

    Also, some of her lyrics have had wit in the past.

    Honestly, all I ever see is excuses about why these lyrics couldn't be good when this topic comes up in relation to Disco.
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  17. There are better ways to achieve what Kylie is describing here though than the Disco approach, which is just to plug in blatant cliches at almost every turn. And if she really wanted to use cliches, she could have at least picked more interesting ones.

    It's not an either/or. There's a lot of middle ground between what Kylie is doing on Disco and digging out a thesaurus for every word.

    Honestly, I think most people would agree that digging out a thesaurus is lazy songwriting. But so is leaning so heavily on cliches.

    The discussion is completely valid. As much as I love this forum, one of its more vexing qualities is that people are always trying to control the discussion in threads. Just ignore discussions that don't interest you!

    Madonna has absolutely penned some thoroughly lazy lyrics in her day. While not quite Disco levels of cliche, some of the songs on Rebel Heart are bottom of the barrel in terms of the lyrics. See: Iconic, HeartbreakCity, Hold Tight. And I have the exact same criticism of those lyrics that I do the ones on Disco. Really, songwriters should always strive to do their best and there's simply too much "this will do?" in the pop genre (where lyrics are concerned).

    I don't know if you're referring to me or not, but I'd love to see the posts where people are shamed for enjoying Disco.
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  18. I don’t think people disagreeing you with is trying to “control the discussion”. You’ve posted multiple times why you don’t like the lyrics and people have then said why they think you’re wrong.
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  19. I never said people disagreeing with me is controlling the discussion. I (and the poster I quoted) was specifically referring to the post that told the thread to move on from this discussion.
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