Kylie Minogue

People can spend the next 10 pages debating the lyrics on Disco if they want to but so far the conversation has been particularly futile so maybe moving on is the right thing to do.

If the thread naturally moves on from it, fine. But there are tons of not particularly fruitful conversational avenues in these threads, so I don't see a need to abandon it.

And while this conversation has not yielded incredible insights, I still think it's more interesting to discuss lyrical quality than lewks or some of the other things that come up in general pop girl threads.


WOW. How stunning does she truly look here. I swear she never ages.
There’s a programme on BBC2 at 9pm, Pride Hits at the BBC. Kylie is listed in the description - presumably an old performance of Devil or maybe Spinning Around?
Did she get a new stylist? her recent looks have been on point.

She’s been working with Tom Eerebout (one of Gaga’s stylists who used to work with her) again on most of these recent looks around NYC/Miami, as well as Sissy Vian.

She always looks amazing but her style has had the perfect revamp. Here’s to the music taking a fresh twist, too.
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