Kylie Minogue

Are you even a Kylie fan if you can’t do the One Boy Girl rap?

Or the Shocked rap!!

[Verse 3: Jazzi P.]
Shocked, like the lightning from up above
Down from the heavens and it gave me love
From a man who respects me
Loves my mind as well as my body
No retreat and no surrender
Equal to you regardless of gender
Giving me love that is warm and tender
That's why I gotta tell ya
You and I are of the same mind
It seems to me that we're one of a kind
It's true to say that when love is blind
That then true love is so hard to find
You respect me and the things I do
It was meant to be, I was made for you
Open the door to my heart, it stopped
And I'm shocked

And the 12" opening rap!

Shocked, your love hit me in the right spot
Cold yesterday and today I'm hot
You came to me and I said why not
And this is what I got
Love no conditions no ties no rings
Just be together and do our own thing
All the good things that our love brings
Really makes my heart sing
Shocked by the power of your love
I'm the fingers you are the glove
Surrounding me with protective love
I can't get enough
Take me anywhere any old time
Am I dreaming this is sublime
I dedicate to you this rhyme
You're a love divine........
Her PWL stuff is catalogued quite nicely and her Parlaphone stuff should be too.

I remember for years her PWL stuff was non existent on Spotify. It wasn’t until rights were about to change hands that the situation was rectified. I’d expect something similar to happen with the Parlophone material.
Ocean Blue should have made the main Light Years album over Bittersweet Goodbye (which I love too but it doesn't fit the soundscape) It has that late summer evening feel that would perfectly close off the album.
While we're at it, kick off Kids too and leave it on Robbie's album where it feels more at home and put Paper Dolls or Password in its place.
Ocean Blue is one of those songs that, when I listen to Light Years from start to finish, I wonder if something is wrong with my CD and then I remember it's a B-side. But it's such an amazing song and so strongly associated with Light Years, it's hard to believe it was not part of the final tracklisting.

I really love Password but imagine if Ocean Blue had been the final hidden track. Maybe a bit too somber to end such a fun album but what a way to go out.
I expect they’re waiting on a B-Sides collection/re-releases when Kylie gets the masters to the tracks. She got the Deco ones fairly recently, so I expect we’ll see some kind of compilation of that soon.