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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Ocean Blue is one of those songs that, when I listen to Light Years from start to finish, I wonder if something is wrong with my CD and then I remember it's a B-side. But it's such an amazing song and so strongly associated with Light Years, it's hard to believe it was not part of the final tracklisting.

    I really love Password but imagine if Ocean Blue had been the final hidden track. Maybe a bit too somber to end such a fun album but what a way to go out.
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  2. I expect they’re waiting on a B-Sides collection/re-releases when Kylie gets the masters to the tracks. She got the Deco ones fairly recently, so I expect we’ll see some kind of compilation of that soon.
  3. I hope Team Kylie upload the superior Decon remixes that are missing from streaming soon.

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  4. Some years ago Kylie asked for fave bsides cos she hinted a bside collection that neve happened...
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  5. Why this ?

    Just a random video montage or is there something new on the way ?
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  6. I just assumed it's a gap fill thing. Her streaming numbers are on the rise again, I'm guessing because of Pride.
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  7. I do not like Bittersweet Goodbye!
    Ocean Blue would have been a great replacement!
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  8. It is a long long list now of things in the vault.
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  9. What do people think of the Brothers in Rhythm mix of 'Love is on the Line'?

    This was meant to be on her 1994 album I think.

    I love her BIG vocals!!!!

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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    When were these 'Xtour sessions'?
    (I assume this was a dvd extra or something?)
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  11. I adore Ocean Blue. I have such a strong memory of lying on a beach in Villefranche-sur-Mer with my partner in the sun looking at the sea whilst listening to this song and just feeling so blissfully, peacefully happy. It takes me back there every single time I listen to it. So lovely.
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  12. I am not sure when she recorded these ^

    I loved all the acoustic stuff she uploaded on the Les Folies tour

    Breathe was super cool

    I even like Nu-di-ty acoustic and usually cannot listen to this song

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  13. The Rapino Brothers produced the orignal (that also leaked a while ago). But this is my go-to version. It's such a good song and the vocal is fantastic. I believe BIR re-recorded it with her for inclusion on the cancelled CD2 of Where Is The Feeling? (or maybe the Time Will Pass You By single).

    Assuming this version actually existed when the album was being put together, I can see why it, along with Love is Waiting were left off, even though I adore both, as they're a little too similar to ... Feeling? for a 10 track album.
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  14. Agh! So they scrapped the 4th single because Nick Cave's Where the Wild Roses Grow came around.

    (and probably after Where is the Feeling under-performed - which is a travesty because it's an amazing video edit and video)

    I mean honestly even though I'd have liked a 4th single, she couldn't turn up the Nick Cave song.
  15. Didn't she also abandon the era midway through to go film Biodome and only pick up when she was done?
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  16. Well between single 2 and single 3 there was a huge gap from memory, so that might explain that?

    Can we talk the 2 videos though
    I mean - stunning!!

  17. Speaking of "Love Is On The Line", do we know which version was supposed to end up on Hits+?
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  18. I did not know this?
  19. I can't find the original tracklisting but basically the original Hits+ had a few more unreleased songs - Love Is On The Line, For All I'm Worth, Aston Martin and a few more - they're all from the Rapino Brothers sessions I think so I guess it would have been their version on the album.
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  20. Correct, which is why there was such a big gap between singles. She filmed the (AMAZING) video for Where is the Feeling? on days off during filming if I remember correctly.

    I guess Biodome delaying the album campaign, along with Where the Wild Roses Grow coming along meant plans were scrapped for single #4, despite the remixes being done. But @linum you're absolutely right, she could not pass up the duet.

    I don't know for sure which version of Love is on the Line was going to be on the original Hits +, but I suspect the Rapino version, seeing as there were a couple of others from those sessions on the tracklisting, so I guess the original.

    I'll take what we got from the KM94 campaign though, it was all incredible. Easily some of her best videos, visuals and music.
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