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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Speaking of lost singles from around that time, I read that Mushroom Records wanted to release Kylie's cover of The Real Thing as a single. IP and Wild Rose were successes in Australia and it fits with that indie soundscape, but that Kylie didn't want it clashing with the upcoming pop sound of Light Years.

    I'm not familiar with the original but I love the Kylie version. And the remixes are great.

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  2. I love how over twenty years later being a fan I still find out new things like this. What a career this woman has had!
  3. What was single #4 meant to be? Time Will Pass You By?
  4. Yes, though I believe it was the remix that was going to be the single, which in my eyes was pretty awful, all that 'do-da-be-do-da'-ing - it was the version she performed at T in the Park that summer as well.

    Biodome was such a mistake, and she really should've prioritised the music - Put Yourself was November, Feeling July, and relegated to one CD at the last minute. A single in March would've kept the campaign going much better.
  5. A lot of songs on the album were going to be single #4. I believe Time Will Pass You By, If I Was Your Lover, Surrender, and Falling were all contenders at some point.
  6. It’s ironic how her film roles at the time went totally against the grain of the sophisticated image her music was projecting, and actually got in the way of the album’s promotion.
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  7. I think when she released Confide it was a bit of a novelty ‘oh look, cute Kylie is going through a grungy stage’ - then they realised it was here to stay and she was actually attempting to be seen as a credible artist, then people lost interest and the backlash started. Sadly, I don’t think anything she released at that time was going to work as the general public had checked out. Thankfully none of us fell into that category however!
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  8. The whole 'Kylie Minogue' era turned out just fine at the end. We got 3 magnificent singles out of it and Kylie's career got through the 90's thanks to it.
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  9. The re-branding of Kylie started a long time before the album though. She became beloved of the style mags some time before the release of the album and she was being positioned at a cool dance diva/style icon. So when Confide hit, if was the perfect storm that fed into that (the video was literally everything that those press articles had her printed to be). I just don't think anything else from the campaign had that same allure and as such turned people against her.
  10. Put Yourself In My Place WINS Best Ad-Libs
  11. I think it wins for best song on the entire album.
  12. I love the Decon era. Completely uncommercial but no one moves to Deconstruction for hits and great album campaigns.
  13. Except M People.
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  14. I don't know her.
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  15. Yes, which is where the Wand/Paul Masterson remixes came from. I'm not sure i an edit of those mixes was going to be the 'Radio Mix' though. I think Steve Anderson also mentioned there was a BIR remix too.
  16. I still love Time Will Pass You By. Think had it been released could have been an easy top 20 hit for her. Where The Wild Roses Grow is iconic though, so not complaining we sort of got that in it's place instead.
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  17. Maybe in the UK this was true by the time she released single 2 and 3.

    Confide in Me was huge in Australia and #1, then the Nick Cave duet was #2 in Oz and very popular, then Impossible Princess went on to sell double platinum here... even Triple J radio started playing her in Oz which is quite unusual for a commercial pop star like Kylie.
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  18. Yes, she did pretty good overall in the Decon years in Australia. Impossible Princess, I believe at the time was her longest charting and highest selling album.
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  19. Impossible Princess hung around the charts for a very long time.

    I am not upset that she "returned to pop" in 2000 and scored another 2 Aussie #1 singles, so well done to Kylie.
    But I am also very happy that Confide in Me topped the charts here, and Where the Wild Roses Grow almost topped the charts here, because to me a #1 and #2 single during her indie years or whatever the UK media called it, it's nothing to scoff about.
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  20. Indeed, a very good achievement. Confide In Me after all topped the charts for 5 weeks (I think), so that's something special in itself. And Where The Wild Roses Grow was also nominated for an ARIA award so, again, impressive.
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