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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. It's not particularly good.
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  2. Could Kylie for the next album cover call Elizaveta Porodina ? The shoot for Vogue Italia is amazing. Kinda reminding me of IP mixed with some Fever shoot
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  3. Shout-out to this song today!

    Why an edited version was not on the actual album is beyond me.

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  4. It is a bit underwhelming isn’t it. And slow too.
    Bearing in mind Simon le Bon’s vocals for this, would have thought it may suit Kylie.
  5. I'd love to see the rehearsal footage from the FEVER2002 tour, I wanna see what they planned for 'More More More'. Having the whole Clockwork Orange section for just 'Spinning Around' was so stupid.
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  7. I wish they would put up the tour audio on Spotify.
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  8. Yeah I'd love to be able to get my life to that filthy version of 'Locomotion' whenever I please.
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  9. Amazon Germany have a placeholder listing marked 2022 with artwork

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  10. The sheer quality of the songs that didn't make the album! Tears is exceptional.

    I think the Ingo Vauk, Dave Ball material is the strongest from that era.

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  11. Maybe they're doing single colors for all these? If that's the case and we have Fever on white (+silver and red), Light Years on blue, and Impossible Princess on orange... I want:

    Body Language on yellow
    X on maroon
    Aphrodite on light blue
    Kiss Me Once on grey
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  12. Fab news about this on vinyl at long, long last. Hope an 25th anniversary edition on all formats will follow suit also.
  13. That section also had step back in time , not to mention never too late being part of the cybatronica section
  14. Why... grey?
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  15. Was Step Back In Time not meant to be part of the Cybertronica section as well?
  16. This feels shady.
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  17. Insert devil emoji...

    I mean maybe metallic silver, I was thinking of the glass with the raindrops. Maybe clear? If X gets maroon, Kiss Me Once could have red translucent.
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  18. I just want X and Body Language on vinyl, please x
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  19. I hope they get the print quality of the images right.
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