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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Someone on SayHey with a contact at BMG has confirmed the cover art is using the awful 2003 scan but is trying to get it changed to a better quality scan/image from Stefane (and it's looking hopeful). They also confirmed 'several' colour vinyl.

    X 15th Anniversary (even if it's just announced in November) and Body Language 20th (next year) would be very welcome too, so we don't have to wait that long for them!
  2. Stephane has been going through his archives over the COVID era, and he posted some era-shots from Impossible Princess on Insta a while back so it's possible.
  3. They should also be raiding Stephane's IP archives. They could make some extra $$ with alternative covers.

    I wonder if Parlophone would bother with re-releases for X and Body Language. They've re-printed Fever a number of times now and not bothered with anything else.
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  4. They've since been taken down. I wonder if that does confirm a re-release then.
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  5. I'm so thrilled there is going to be some kind of acknowledgement of IP25, and to have the album on vinyl at last. I'd love to be surprised with a new CD edition that includes some of the unreleased material, but I guess that is unlikely. And not that I'm asking for a lot, but I'd pay big bucks (knowing how expensive lenticular/3D prints are to produce) for the 3D cover on a vinyl/box set.

    Gosh I hope they get the artwork sorted, it would be criminal not to have that incredible Stephane image in full glory.
  6. I would even be put off if the artwork was the terrible scanned image. It looked bad enough in CD size, as a vinyl...

    I would even be happier with alternative artwork as long as it was in high quality. And they definitely would be silly not to have this as variant colours and make some coin from the fans who would no doubt order multiple versions etc.
  7. Yes, a crappy sleeve of the terrible scan will not encourage me to part with my cash.

    But I will happily buy a coloured vinyl in every shade of her light sphere if they sort the artwork out properly! Pink, blue, clear and orange please!
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  8. Give some love to my friend’s cool Kylie cover please!

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  9. This is great!
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  10. Impossible Princess, is one of Kylie's most iconic and important albums, abet not for everyone's taste. It will be nice if it was properly acknowledged on it's 25th.
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  11. It never ceases to amaze me how fantastic some of her art direction has been throughout the years. Look at the material.
  12. Impossible Princess… is not a favourite of mine but there is no doubt that the visuals for the era are stunning!
  13. It’s back up for preordering on Addicted to Vinyl Netherlands site
  14. pdf


  15. She has the rights back for the material from this year, so she must be aware of it/sanctioned it.
  16. I’m guessing there is demand because this message is now on the Dutch website…

    • preorder is temporarily closed, we are going to consult with the label to make sure that we actually receive all copies that we have ordered.
  17. Keep checking - it had that message yesterday but changed around midday today
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  18. The Dutch site states: Limited edition Orange Vinyl.
    But it looks gold to me. I'm a bit confused
  19. Sorry, but you cannot edit perfection.
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