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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. is this on Apple Music? It’s fantastic but I can’t find it anywhere.
  2. It’s on UK ITunes
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  4. That photo is a mock up. It's not a photo of the actual product, which is probably still at the cut lathe/test pressing stage if anything.
  5. I do hope a CD re issue of Impossible Princess will follow too at somepoint for the 25th. Get vinyl is the in thing though.
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  6. I understand she's planning complete reissues later in her carrer, but a CD reissue would be nice... we know there are some unreleased tracks...
    It would be nice to release the original album with BIR
    • Impossible Princess [later retitled 'Dreams' and included on the album]
    • (All Right) Now
    • You're The One ]
    • Looking Down On Me
    • Love Takes Over Me
    • Drunk
    • Cowboy Style
    • Did It Again (Clever Girl)
    • Stay With You
    • Take Me With You
    • Stay This Way
    • Free
    • Miles
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  7. This is such an cool concept. I SO need You're The One in my life in particular.
  8. I know it seems like the preserve of wankish Minogue fans to say this, but I really do love Impossible Princess. It makes sense to me. The sales didn't, but everything else did. That's how female artists sounded in the '90s. Honestly, I was so disappointed when she went with Light Years, because it felt so backwards to me. Obviously in hindsight it was the best thing for her and her trajectory.
  9. I’m right in thinking that a studio version of Free was never recorded? It was just for Intimate & Live?
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  10. I'd love for a reissue of Impossible Princess (actually, a reissue of every album), but I'm doubtful we'd get one. Naturally, Kylie seems to be very protective of the songs recorded during that time.

    Kylie claims it was never recorded, but the Headless Postman said that they'd heard a very rough studio demo.
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  11. I think both statements are true. Kylie likely means that it never went to full production (which is something I'm sure I've read an interview about a decade ago where Steve Anderson confirms as well) but there's likely a reference take of it recorded in a room somewhere.
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  12. Just had a flashback to reading this track list in the IKN fanzine. Ah, time flies don’t it gworls.
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  13. pdf


    I love IP. After almost a decade of being a world class pop star, this is where she proved to me she's got real artistic chops. She did it, she doesn't need to do it again. And Breathe is in my Kylie top 5.
  14. The only mistake she made was Did It Again. It should have been called Clever Girl and she should have dressed up as Charlene in the video. Everything else? I love to deaf.
  15. I don’t think we’d have Light Years, Fever, or maybe the entirety of her revived career without Impossible Princess for many reasons, but one is how the artistry of the album permeated through everything that followed it. Never before had Kylie been so dynamic, expressive, or varied. Especially with her vocals, she experimented with deliveries she’d mold and perfect for her modern pop records.
  16. Totally agree. I get frustrated when some fans who only became converts after Fever play down her wilderness years. It can’t be easy to overcome the public’s rejection of Impossible Princess after she’s put so much of herself into it. And then to bounce back the way she did (it didn’t come easily either). I think it speaks not only to her talent but also to her strength as a person. We all love a good comeback, but some comebacks are more special than others. I’ll forever be a fan.
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  17. Impossible Princess, Light Years and Fever, may well just be the most important run of albums in Kylie's career.
  18. Been rewatching this over the weekend:

    Truly her greatest tour, set list, and remixes! What an icon.
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