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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Somebody reliable on SayHey (they posted about A Second to Midnight and Infinite Disco vinyl) posted about a new song called “Hold On” and then the entire thread was mysteriously deleted so make of that what you will. It’s highly unlikely that a new album is ready to go though, as she’s said she’s booked a studio and recording in July.
  2. It makes me sad that Kylie will probably never sign off for unreleased material to see the light of day. It was like pulling teeth to get what was included on Hits+!
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  3. I think she was the one who pushed for This Girl to be included on the re-release? I remember reading something about her having the only copy of the track at that time.

    I imagine Kylie's not opposed to unlocking the vault, I think she's probably just a lot more protective over the Deconstruction era tracks.
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  4. Yeah I don’t see anything coming until the tail end of the year (at the earliest), but I do think 2023 will be another great year.

    Like you said, she has a villa booked to work in over July, so it’s clear she’s looking to get quite a bit of work done.
  5. I think the problem with Hits+ was Kylie wasn’t consulted on it. And her team only found out about it when it was advertised.

    She made them change the artwork to the straight red hair look so that it would not be confused with the Light Years campaign at the time. And she pulled some songs.

    I can understand why she was frustrated with the Hits+ release. She wanted to go pop post Decon, was focusing on becoming a big pop act again and was about to kick off
    the Light Years campaign. Then this compilation of her “indie” stuff was released.

    I’m sure when done right Kylie would support the release of the unreleased stuff. I’m guessing if the vinyl repressing of IP does well she would consider it.

    Does anyone know what the original track list was meant to be?

  6. I can't find the tracklist anymore but it was meant to include the singles + quite a lot of the Rapino sessions tracks from 1993. Eventually only Gotta Move On and Difficult By Design remained on it.
  7. pdf


    Oh I dunno, I have a feeling one day she's go, oh hi gays, here's an entire album I made with Jake Shears
  8. KYLIEFEVER2002, will never be beaten. What an tour!!
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  9. Could that be the Mirwas track?
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  10. The 360p upload is actually homophobic.
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  11. It would make sense. Last I checked his album was due in Oct.
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  12. Again from SayHey so take it as you will:

    The single is called Hold On.

    The album is tentatively called Electric.

    James Ford has produced songs for the album.

    Kylie is performing at World Pride in Sydney in 2023.
  13. The album title and James Ford producing the album was "revealed" on James Ford's Wikipedia page, so that's just someone overdoing wishful thinking on Wikipedia. I've actually just removed it and now it said "Gaylectric" ddd. It's such a shame that people constantly dilute what Wikipedia should be with kii edits like this.
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  14. This turned up on YouTube. A demo supposedly for Aphrodite, by Luciana, who wrote Cupid Boy. This would have been a really good fit for the album (plus I’ve never liked Cupid Boy so I’m much more on board with this song):

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  15. This song has been doing the rounds for the past 5 years. Not an Aphrodite demo at all, just a pitch submitted when Parlo was looking for Classic Kylie sounding tracks for what later became KMO. It’s written by Luciana and produced by the same people who produced Timebomb.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Still waiting for the Kiss Me Once era songs to leak.
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  17. Oh it did remind me of Timebomb in places so that makes sense.
  18. Whether true or not, this just makes me so eager for New Kylie. 2023 will be a great Kylie year am sure.
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  19. Not a fan of The Loco-Motion really, but here she is performing a really weird edit of the track on a German tv programme. It begins with the 7” mix, then goes into the album version before ending with the 7” mix again. Bet the poor girl couldn’t keep up!
  20. Why all the ladders? It’s like she’s in the B&Q stockroom.
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