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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Kylie brings me so much joy she does....we are so lucky to have her in our generation :)
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  2. The new version of "On the Up" is amazing. Here's a more easily accessible Soundcloud link

  3. One the Up is probably one of my favorite unreleased gems from Kylie, Johnny Douglas worked some magic with her teebs.
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  4. This! She truly is the gift that we don’t deserve!
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  5. Today, marks 34 years exactly since the release of the album that started it all...

    I know that PWL Kylie isn't to everyone's ears on here and fair enough if so. But, for others like myself, this is 35 minutes of pure late 80s pop bliss and the birth of an music legend! And now we're looking at KM16-amazing!
  6. Kylie is such a great debut, I bought it on cassette at the time and played it endlessly. Turn It Into Love is still my all time favourite Kylie song!
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  7. SO should have been given an proper single release worldwide with a music video too boot!
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  8. Uncle Pete really dropped the ball there, I'm sure Turn It Into Love would have been an international smash. To this day I wish there was a video and 12" mix.
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  9. Especially when an extended instrumental exists!

  10. The 80s.
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  12. 2022 and still 128 files ! Oh dear !
    Why this new version ? Is there something on the way ? A unreleased tracks compilation ? A fan can dream !
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  13. Nah, this was the producer of the track and it seems they've just done something for fun.
  14. The intro to Jack Savoretti's "Secret Life" sounds familiar
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  15. Sounds like he doesn’t have the voice for these types of songs.
  16. I wonder if @biff stannard has ever tried to get Kylie to put out some unreleased gems. I'm sure he could twist her arm...
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  17. To Kylie’s credit she has been putting out fresh new material consistently for a number of years now. And she’s working on new stuff with Biff. So I can’t imagine it being in the front of their minds.
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  18. This remix is SICK! Love it!
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