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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Great natural voice for these songs.

  2. Kylie in 1988 was so cute!
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  3. There was an earlier "On The Up" remix he posted a few years back as well.
  4. What a gorgeous little tweet by Miss Minogue. An icon. I will always look up to her.
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  5. HMD


    Voted! That 11 was hard, though I think I know which one is getting the top spot.
  6. RRS


    That On The Up mix is so good! I wish someone would take a few others and give them the same treatment like Sexual Gold, Ruffle My Feathers etc that would be amazing.
  7. Ohh this sounds good. I’m not that familiar with Kylie’s bsides, so hopefully I’ll find some new favourites.

    Some of her best songs seem to be bonus tracks for no clear reason. Sleeping with the Enemy, for example, was literally one of the best songs from the whole Kiss Me Once project. Crystallize is also really good.

    I won’t vote as I don’t really know enough, but I hope you guys will show some love for Made of Glass. That song is an absolute earworm!
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  8. A few have. The only one that matters is Waiting For The Sun which should’ve been the lead single imo.
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  9. I think the reason was because there was no clear vision for what Kylie should sound like for albums like X, Kiss Me Once.
  10. Waiting 4 The Sun is so top tier for me. Don't know why they choose not to release it. It's gorgeous.
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  11. Kylie has so many fantastic unreleased tracks. What a vault!
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  12. I actually really like the On The Up remix, it makes it sound like it could've easily fit on Disco.
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  13. On The Up, is such a great track-in both versions. Would love it to be officially released one day.
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  14. Johnny Douglas replied to some people in the comments saying he’s working on getting it an official release, so here’s hoping Kylie signs off!
  15. I don’t think it’s that good for an “official release”. It’s great to see it uploaded onto Soundcloud but I don’t think anything else is needed.
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  16. If we're talking about unreleased Kylie songs getting an official release, then You're the One is the accepted answer.
  17. It's been at the top of my list since forever and nothing has ever come close to it. An actual masterpiece.
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  18. The fact Steve hasn't uploaded 'You're The One' on any platform is cruel (after Anti Tour) especially knowing the fans have had to listen to the LQ mono version since the early noughties!
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  19. I know it’s an unpopular decision but You’re The One does nothing for me!
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