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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I like the idea of asking Kylie to released unreleased tracks... If she says yes to one, she may then release something else, or a compilation. Maybe for #K35...
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  2. I wonder what the politics with releasing unreleased stuff is. Wouldn’t Parlophone ultimately decide on whether to release On The Up? I think they’ve got the real treasure trove of unreleased Kylie, mainly from the Kiss Me Once era.
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  3. it would really be on a case by case basis as to what the deals were with the producer/writer. If they were paid, then yes, it’s likely Parlophone would own the rights, if they were working on the basis that Parlophone would pay for anything they wanted to use, the writer/producer would own the rights.

    I guess that’s why Red One would (apparently) have been able to delete his tracks with her.

    Kylie will own the rights to all of her material within the next 5 years from what I understand, so it will be interesting to see if she approves of retrospective releases. Something like Pet Shop Boys Further Listening releases would be incredible.
  4. If this actually happened it should be treated as homophobia.
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  5. Kylie owning the rights to all her music within 5 years, could quite possibly go either way in terms of the vaults being unleashed. Guess we'll just have to wait, see and hope!
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  6. It was an old comment on IG, but I noticed William Baker "liked" a comment about him possibly doing the styling for a Disco tour. Bless.
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  7. I noticed that Kylie doesn’t follow William Baker on IG. The last time she liked or commented on any of Baker’s posts of her was in 2020. Since then he’s posted loads on Kylie and she hasn’t reacted or liked to anything. So I don’t think him styling her again will ever happen.
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  8. I've seen quite a few comments about Kylie acquiring her rights, has she ever discussed this in interviews or is it just insider knowledge? I find it all quite interesting, if anyone has any links to share that would be amazing please.
  9. The Step Back In Time Greatest Hits only happened because Kylie got her PWL stuff.

    I remember someone from BMG telling Music Week that with Kylie they’re in a position to user her back catalogue as well as do new material.

    I don’t think it’ll translate to unreleased material though. But I hope I’m wrong.
  10. So many gems waiting to be released in her discography. Let's hope so for that eventually.
  11. She's one of only a few artists who could release a compilation of unreleased material and have it go toe to toe with some of her albums. She's also one of the only ones I could see actually releasing one given her tendency to play some of them live or intertwined with other songs. Plus, she did do the Anti Tour so I feel like she's definitely aware how badly her fans want something like this. Maybe one day....
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  12. The material is great but I think we’re a while off from Kylie opening up the vaults because she seems focused on new material.

    She’s probably one of the few artists who has been around for as long as she has and who is actively recording a new album for new campaigns and wanting to tour with it.
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  13. Step Back in Time was co-released by BMG UK and Parlophone via the Warner/Rhino backcat division so there's definitely a cooperation and relationship somewhere. Some of the BMG management used to work for Parlophone which probably helps, especially since the Warner management who inherited the label likely don't really know what they have in terms of the specifics of Kylie's backcat as an asset.

    Since backcat is a major part of music industry income now, Rhino absolutely will be open to working with BMG to maximise the impact of repackaged Parlophone-era Kylie product. How and when that arrives or in what combinations or bonus content is anybody's guess but competing with current Kylie releases is not the best idea. People only have so much disposable income. Better to coordinate it so that re-releases happen in "off"-Kylie years and get the sign off from Kylie on content and engagement.
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  14. How come she stopped working with William Baker on her album packaging? The decline upsets me.

    *waits to be attacked*
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  15. Justice for Waiting 4 the Sun. One hopes that will get some sort of official release at some point on a collection or rerelease.
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  16. I also want to express my love for Taprobane (Extrodanary Day)
    I find that song so gorgeous. I do understand why it was left in the vaults. But it's simply stunning. I adore this side of Kylie!
  17. A Junior Vasquez remix of Limbo has appeared on Youtube. I wonder if this is an indicator of unreleased material to come from the IP era.

  18. Remaster Voodoo and let it reign supreme.
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  19. Isn't "Voodoo" kind of trash.
  20. It's trash and utterly brilliant, honestly one of her best unreleased tracks. I want Trashlie to make a comeback and make her conservative fans uncomfortable.
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